November 12, 2016
Bataclan Reopens In Paris With Sting Headlining A Defiant Anniversary Concert Tonight

Paris' Bataclan concert hall will be brought back to life tonight as Sting launches a tour for his new album. A year ago this Sunday, terrorists massacred 90 people within the concert hall. Sting says he intends to "remember and honor those ts sold out in under thirty minutes.

Sting says that just a few days ago, someone asked him if he would be willing to reopen the Bataclan in Paris, according to the Inquisitr. Sting said he had not played there since 1979, but wanted to make sure he could balance respect and remembrance for those who died in the attacks with the long history of music and enjoyment that the hall represents. More than anything, Sting wants to make sure everything about tonight is respectful.

A year ago, ISIL gunmen and suicide bombers left 130 people dead in Paris surrounding the Bataclan, says the Telegraph. Though all of the 1500 tickets sold out, some were earmarked for the families of those who were killed a year ago at the venue. Though they survived the attack, over 400 people are still recovering from physical wounds, while another 600 are still receiving counseling or therapy from psychological trauma following the terrorist attack.

Maureen Roussel, who was at Bataclan the night of the attack, is finding it hard to move on, and has quit her job.

"I feel like James Bond, as if everything might explode behind me."


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Security at Bataclan has been overhauled, and will be incredibly tight for tonight's Sting concert. The Bataclan, which opened in 1865, will have bomb disposal squads that will comb the site beforehand and fans will have to pass through a double security filter to enter the building. The Bataclan is now equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras and an intrusion-proof door locking system. Dozens of police officers and a private security firm will keep guard inside and out.

Jules Frutos, the Bataclan co-director said that soon after the attack, he knew they had to reopen the historic music hall.
"After a few weeks it was clear. We had to go on after such horror and not leave a mausoleum, a tomb.We owed it to ourselves to rebuild everything. It was obvious that it had to be rebuilt identically. Because of its past it was important we didn't change it as a venue. That's why people loved it. One night of tragedy mustn't overshadow decades of parties and music."
Frutos was thrilled that Sting was willing to be the act that would christen the restored Bataclan, introducing new music, while playing many of his best known songs.
"He is really keen to do this and that's an essential ingredient. Sting coming here is the cherry on the cake we needed. It gives this real meaning."
BBC News says that in addition to the people at the Batacan who were under fire, the coordinated attacks struck the Stade de France and area restaurants filled with people out enjoying their weekend. Sting's concert will be the headlining event of the weekend, but smaller remembrance events are also scheduled. Though for many, the images of that night are still fresh, people are hopeful that this weekend will be healing for everyone. The world will be watching, and people everywhere still have Prayers4Paris.

Would you like to send your best wishes for all of the people who were effected by the terror attacks in Paris?

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