Dworkin Report: President Obama And VP Joe Biden Reviewing Democratic Coalition Report Identifying Donald Trump’s Alleged Links To Russia

President Obama met with President-elect Donald Trump at the White House this week, for what appeared to be a congenial meeting between the men. But what Donald Trump may not have been aware of at the time, was that President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are in the process of reviewing a report called the Dworkin Report, that reportedly identifies multiple links between Donald Trump and Russia reports the Huffington Post.

The report is now released on Scribd and is named just that, the “Dworkin Report: Evidence Tying Donald Trump to Russia.”

When a President-elect takes the oath of office, they swear to uphold the Constitution and protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic, and they also swear to not aid or comfort enemies, both foreign and domestic. Anyone that is an American citizen, president or otherwise, that aids or comforts enemies either foreign or domestic is in violation of Article III Section III of the Constitution.

With Russia being named as one of America’s leading enemies, according to a 2013 Gallup Poll, this alleged evidence listed in the Dworkin Report could be a problem for Donald Trump before he even takes the oath of office. Also listed in the Gallup Poll as one of America’s top four enemies is China. The Dworkin Report also reveals evidence that links Donald Trump to China.

Many pundits, celebrities, and politicians, have already been using the word “impeached” with Donald Trump since he became President-elect. The Huffington Post reports that President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are reviewing the Dworkin Report to see if this alleged evidence means anything in relation to Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, and now possibly also China.

Talk of Russia hacking the election has also not died down since the election occurred.

The evidence is reportedly substantial enough for the White House to even be considering it. This past summer, the FBI reportedly cleared Donald Trump of having any ties with Russia reports the New York Times. But, the Dworkin Report says, “You can learn more about Trump’s Russian ties from Google than you can from the FBI’s public purported investigation.”

The Dworkin Report highlights some of the alleged failings of the FBI in their investigation of Donald Trump’s connections to Russia and other enemy states of America. It is written by Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, and reveals 10 “clear links” the FBI failed to look into, or report on, between Donald Trump’s business ties with Russia, and also his alleged ties to the regime of Vladimir Putin.

Scott Dworkin said the following.

“The FBI missed at least 10 key connections between President-elect Trump and Russia when they conducted their investigation and concluded that our President-elect had no links to the country. It is imperative that the American people be made aware of this information.”

The Dworkin Report also shows that Donald Trump has as many as 250 registered businesses in Russia, and provides “hard evidence” that “directly contradicts” his prior statements about not having any connections to Russia at all, statements he made repeatedly throughout the campaign. There is also reportedly much evidence that reveals Donald Trump has traveled regularly to Russia, going back as far as 1987, long before the Soviet Union ended.

Huffington Post reports on one 2010 visit in particular, where he attended the St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum where he engaged in a tour led by a high-ranking Russian official. On another trip, he was reportedly given a personal photo award by Vladimir Putin.

The Dworkin Report has also revealed some recorded interviews with Donald Trump, where he has reportedly discussed his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. An interview with Latvian media also had Donald Trump discussing his many trips to Russia, and discussing the “significant business” of Trump Organization in Russia. Scott Dworkin has authenticated the recordings in question.

President Obama and Vice President Biden are not the only ones that have reviewed this report. So has the Democratic Congressional leadership, including Senator Reid, Senator Feinstein, Senator Leahy, Senator Warren, Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, in addition to Congressman Keith Ellison reports the Huffington Post.

In this video, Russian President Vladimir Putin says, “We have been following the American election closely, and I’d like to congratulate the American people on the end of an electoral cycle. I’d also like to congratulate Donald Trump for his victory.”

No other president or prime minister in the world has gone public with the media to say this. Many leaders have called Donald Trump privately to wish him well, as is standard protocol in a transition of power. But, the Russians have been very vocal in their celebrations.

Watch this video where Russian parliament was stopped, and all members of the parliament were congratulated for the Donald Trump victory.


No other member of any parliament in the world was personally congratulated for the Trump victory.

Since the election, the Huffington Post reports that Vladimir Putin’s regime has also admitted to having a hand in the WikiLeaks dissemination of information during this election. The New York Times was also told in a separate report that multiple Russian government officials admitted to having “direct contact with Trump’s closest allies.” It is raising many questions for America today.



Technically, the election is not yet over, as the last formality of the electoral college has yet to occur. As theT Inquisitr previously reported, there is still one legal scenario for the electoral college to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

At the time of press, Hillary Clinton is ahead with the popular vote by 2 million votes, this could enough members of the Electoral College to become a faithless elector and abide by their Constitutional duties to elect the candidate with the most votes and also to not elect a person that may be aiding and comforting enemies foreign and domestic.

Republican John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, released an ad right before the election that was not a good ad for Donald Trump.

Many are reportedly calling on Ohio, and other states, a state that Donald Trump won, to become a faithless elector next month when the electoral college meets, and put Hillary Clinton in the White House. A Change Org petition has already reached 3.5 million signatures beseeching the electoral college to do just that.


The Dworkin Report directly contradicts findings by the FBI that Donald Trump has no ties to Russia. Shortly after the election night, the Hillary Clinton campaign directly blamed FBI James Comey for the election loss reports AOL. Director of opinion research for the campaign, Navin Nayak, sent an email to all senior staff Thursday, outlining what Nayak believed were the reasons for the loss.

“Comey’s letter in the last 11 days of the election both helped depress our turnout and also drove away some of our critical support among college-educated white voters โ€“ particularly in the suburbs. We also think Comey’s second letter, which was intended to absolve Sec. Clinton, actually helped to bolster Trump’s turnout.”

The FBI letter before the election did not help Hillary Clinton. But, the FBI investigation also failed in thoroughly investigating Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, if what the Dworkin Report says is true.

Even so, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 2 million votes reports the New York Times, garnering more votes than Al Gore in 2000, Richard Nixon in 1968, and John F. Kennedy in 1960. The White House is investigating the Dworkin Report for authenticity and meaning, and all of its alleged evidence in the meantime, and what if any impact that has on the election.

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