Samurai Swordsman Stops Brawl On Phoenix Light Rail Train [Video]

Talk about cutting to the chase: A man unsheathed a samurai sword and scared off two aggressors who were giving another man a beatdown on a Phoenix light-rail train late at night. The incident was caught on an NSFW cell phone video.

According to the New York Daily News, the fight that occurred earlier this month stopped abruptly as soon as the unidentified Good Samaritan wearing a long coat, baseball cap, and headphones brandished the sword:

“The martial arts weapon, long-associated with feudal Japan, does not appear often on American public transportation. Whether the man is a true master of Bushido — the code of the samurai — or simply someone who has seen one too many Akira Kurosawa films is a moot point. After all, his intimidation tactic worked.”

The Phoenix New Times had this to say about the incident of which the police were unaware until the video was uploaded to YouTube:

“That fight was eventually broken up by an apparent ninja-wannabe — or maybe an actual ninja, we’re not sure what the qualifications are — who pulled out a friggin’ sword.”

Fortunately the man had no need to use the long sword as the attackers gave up and got off the train at the next stop. Police are now investigating.

In another recent light-rail violent incident that was caught on video, WWE wrestler Daivari subdued an alleged menacing drunk in Minneapolis.

Watch a report on the so-called sword-weilding vigilante from a local Phoenix TV station as well as the NSFW (for offensive, unacceptable language) YouTube video:

[Image by Shutterstock]