Kenya Moore Hints Sheree Whitfield Had A Man Pay For Her House: ‘I Am A Businesswoman First’

Kenya Moore invited her friends and family members to her housewarming party on Sunday’s premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta because she wanted people to see how far along she had gotten on her home. Moore, who has been building her home for over a year, was proud to show off her house, even though it wasn’t completely done. And oddly enough, one of her biggest critics was Sheree Whitfield — the Real Housewives of Atlanta star who had been building her own home for over five years. Whitfield’s progress had stalled several times because she ran out of money.

According to a new Bravo report, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she’s convinced that her co-star is just jealous of the progress she’s made on her own house. Of course, Sheree was quick to point out everything that was wrong with Moore’s home, even though she had been building her house for over five years. But Kenya isn’t taking her co-star’s criticism to heart. In fact, she isn’t surprised at all that Sheree was so vocal about the home.

“Quite frankly, Sheree seems bitter and embarrassed that I purchased a home and nearly built it from the ground up in less than a year, while she still has not completed her home in 5 years as of last week. After all, I had no plumbing, air, heat, electrical, flooring… I didn’t even have a front door. Yet I managed to complete my home and move in before the second coming of Christ,” Kenya Moore points out in her Bravo interview she did after The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired this past Sunday.

When Moore had her party, she realized that she still had plenty of work to do, but she managed to get a lot of outstanding things done before the housewarming party took place. And Kenya can’t understand why Sheree wouldn’t just be supportive of the work that she has done like Cynthia Bailey was during the party.


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“I acknowledge I had an extensive ‘punch out list’ prior to my housewarming to complete. With that said, I set a date and was determined not to cancel or change it. I did, however, explain to my select guests that I wasn’t completely finished. I asked for positive energy and for the closest people to me to bless my home and applaud my accomplishment. I thought Sheree would be happy to see how far I’ve come, but all she was capable of doing was tearing it down,” Kenya Moore explains, sharing that she’s proud of how far she’s gotten within just a few months after she fixed the beam that held her up for a while.

But the biggest blow against Whitfield comes near the end of the interview with Moore, where she points out that she’s made her own money and has paid for everything in her home. It sounds like Kenya is hinting that Sheree had a man help her out with her home, even though there’s no proof of that. But Moore is definitely planting a seed.

“I didn’t need nor have a man buy my home, and I am a businesswoman first. I bought a home well under my means — the worst property in the neighborhood — and partially built it with my own two hands,” Kenya Moore points out, hinting that Sheree Whitfield had a man pay for parts of her home.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s comments about her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star? Do you think Kenya is right about Sheree being very critical and having someone else pay for her mansion?

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