‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ Spoilers: Julie Chen Tells Houseguests Trump Elected President, Jason And Shelby Go Head-To-Head In Second ‘BBOTT’ HOH

Big Brother: Over the Top houseguests learn that Donald Trump was elected president, and Jason and Shelby take part in second HOH.

Although the 2016 presidential election took place two days ago, the Big Brother: Over the Top (BBOTT) houseguests were unaware of which candidate was victorious until today. The news came just hours prior to a controversial second Head of Household (HOH) competition taking place between only two cast members due to a technical issue taking place in the original HOH challenge the night before.

According to Joker’s Updates, at around 4:01 p.m., the cast mates were summoned to the BBOTT living room by Big Brother host Julie Chen from the large monitor displayed in the area. About 10 minutes into the back and forth banter between Julie and the houseguests, she revealed to them the name of the president-elect.

Julie noted she had a piece of news that “…concerns the recent presidential election…” On live feeds, the houseguests could be seen anxiously awaiting the next words to come out of Julie’s mouth, likely not expecting what she was about to say. Julie continued with,

“…being part of the inaugural season of Big Brother: Over the Top, you are the first cast to be locked in the Big Brother house during an election. Well, that election, as you know, took place on Tuesday, and I think it’s pretty safe to say you are the only six people in the country… maybe in the entire world, that do not know who won.”

It was apparent the suspense was killing the BBOTT cast members, as some yelled out, “Tell us! Please!”

Julie made them wait a bit longer by saying, “Alright, it’s time to find out. As you remember the election was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.” Julie then asked the cast members, “By a show of hands, who thinks Hillary Clinton won?” All of the houseguests, with the exception of Danielle Lickey, raised their hands. When asked by Julie if she thought Trump won, Danielle said she did, but only because she felt as though younger people supported Clinton and those individuals often don’t vote.

Danielle aptly added,

“…I’m really hoping that our generation stood up and made their voice heard more than just their rants on social media, but I still think that it’s a big possibility that Donald Trump won.”

Finally, Julie said,

“…it takes at least 270 electoral votes to win the election, and with 306 electoral votes, the next president of the United States will be Donald Trump.”

Following Julie’s announcements, most of the houseguests’ mouths dropped and they looked altogether stunned. Shelby Stockton immediately stated, “Julie, you’re joking.” Julie said no more about the matter and bid the houseguests adieu as they digested the surprising news.

Jason Roy could be seen on live feeds placing his head between his knees and lamenting, “Oh my God!” He later said, “I cannot believe that” asking, “Gay people where were you? Minorities where were you?”

Danielle was not as taken aback by the news as the rest of her fellow BBOTT houseguests, as she had keenly predicted the outcome based on voting patterns she had observed in the past.

Shelby looked at her fellow cast mates and proclaimed, “I’m going to cry again,” and kept repeating that Julie must have been joking and the whole thing had to be a prank.

Morgan Willett said with disbelief, “A reality TV star’s our president.”

Justin Duncan said, “It’s gonna be s***. We got problems,” as Jason asked, “Can we just stay in here for the next four years?”

At one point all of the BBOTT cast members all collectively talked about heading to Canada permanently after the show wraps.

Eventually, the discussion drifted to other topics and it was time for the second HOH to take place. The night before, during the final HOH of the night, Shelby experienced a technical error in a challenge that involved mirrors and a laser. This delayed the entire competition leading to an all-night ordeal with the last person participating in the competition not beginning the challenge until around 4 a.m. BBOTT time.

As a result, production decided that the houseguest with the best time in the challenge, Jason, and Shelby, who had done well, but whose time was thwarted by the technical problem, must go head-to-head in yet another HOH. This second competition took place Thursday evening and involved the same mirrors and laser, except the path to solving the puzzle that was used in the first HOH was rearranged and made different. There was no apparent time limit during this second HOH, however, like the night before, the cast member with the fastest time would win.

Shelby went first and she figured out the puzzle and hit the target quickly, with a time of 4:03. Jason was next and finished with a time of 9:52. It was also revealed that Jason had technical issues with his mirrors, but the problem occurred after he had already surpassed Shelby’s time, so Shelby is the new HOH, as noted by Big Brother Network.

This means the only ally of Shelby’s left in the BBOTT house, Morgan, is safe this week and either Danielle, Jason, Justin, or Kryssie will be sent packing, depending upon the results of the upcoming Power of Veto (POV) competition to take place on Monday.

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