Adam Levine Threatens To Quit ‘The Voice’ Due To Feud With Miley Cyrus?

Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus have been facing rumors of a feud since the former Hannah Montana actress joined The Voice earlier this year, but is Levine really considering quitting the show following the announcement of Cyrus’ Season 13 return?

According to a new report, the backstage drama between Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus has reached new heights as the 11th season of the show prepares for its upcoming live episodes, despite Levine’s recent excitement regarding Gwen Stefani’s return.

“[Adam Levine] was thrilled! He is just really glad that Miley is gone and Gwen is coming back!” a source revealed to Radar Online on November 9.

Weeks ago, it was confirmed that Stefani, the girlfriend of Adam Levine’s co-star, Blake Shelton, would be returning to the show for Season 12 after appearing on Season 7 and Season 9. Meanwhile, Cyrus would also be returning — but not until Season 13.

“Blake was not the same this season without Gwen there and it showed. When Gwen was a judge last season he was a ball of light and this season that light went out,” the insider said.

Adam Levine is extremely close to Shelton and Stefani and has even been seen on a double date with the couple and his wife, Behati Prinsloo. In September, following the birth of Adam Levine’s first child, daughter Dusty Rose, Stefani appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed that she had already seen the child on FaceTime.

During Season 9 of The Voice, Stefani and Shelton began dating, and after going public with their romance, they began to share a few of the early moments of their romance on the show. Then, the following season, Christina Aguilera returned as coach and Stefani wasn’t seen. Stefani also wasn’t seen during Season 11 due to her tour overlapping with production.

“[Adam Levine] does not really want to return if they bring Miley back. He is that over it,” the Radar Online source continued. And the same goes for Shelton.

As the source explained, both men, who have been with The Voice since it began airing, feel they’ve run their course.

“Both [Adam Levine] and Blake feel that they have run their course as judges and are highly considering both exiting at the same time, long with Gwen,” the insider said.

Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus have reportedly been at odds since April of this year when Cyrus began filming promotional scenes for The Voice Season 11. At that time, Radar Online claimed Adam Levine was “annoyed” with his “loud-mouth” co-star.

“[Adam Levine] and Miley were non-stop bickering during their last taping together,” the insider said. “He nitpicks almost every single thing she says. Adam seems to find Miley to be extremely loud-mouthed and absolutely annoying!”

Meanwhile, at the same time, Shelton was reeling over the fact that his girlfriend was no longer in the coach’s chair and taking it out on their other co-star, Christina Aguilera, who allegedly enlisted Cyrus to replace Stefani on the show.

The source also claimed The Voice‘s “executives are now second-guessing their decision to bring Miley Cyrus on full time because she cannot get along with Adam to save her life!” But months later, they have seemingly changed their minds and will soon reunite Cyrus with Adam Levine and the rest of their co-stars, including Shelton and one other coach for Season 13, which will air next fall.

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