‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden Faces A Medical Emergency, Sam Confronts Alexis, Jax Supports Carly, And Jason Keeps Digging Into Morgan’s Death

General Hospital spoilers tease that dramatic moments are on the way as the week continues, and viewers will not want to miss what comes next. Hayden may have been infected with the virus that Finn has been determined to destroy, and it is time for Morgan’s memorial service. Alexis’ drinking put Danny in danger, and Sam is about to ask her mother some tough questions. What else is on the way with Thursday and Friday’s episodes?

Alexis told Sam that she wasn’t drinking, but Danny’s safety was put at risk when he was in his grandmother’s care, and General Hospital spoilers detail that this will lead to an intense confrontation. Sam will ask Alexis if she was drinking while her kitchen filled with smoke when Danny was there, and there is no question that Alexis’ answer will lead to difficulties.

Hayden came in contact with Finn’s virus, and while she initially brushed off any worries about being infected, General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will become quite ill and will be left fighting for her life. We Love Soaps shares that as this plays out, Finn will be desperate to help her, questioning Laura at Wyndemere as Hayden’s health quickly deteriorates, and he will have Tracy and Elizabeth involved soon as well.

Finn won’t be able to focus solely on Hayden, however, as Obrecht will be doing all she can to destroy him. General Hospital spoilers share that Obrecht will go to Monica, sharing information she hopes will cause issues. In addition, Elizabeth will be talking with Brad about her suspicions regarding Finn as well.

Carly and the rest of Morgan’s loved ones are preparing for his funeral, and Jax is back in Port Charles to lend his support. Jax will try to help Carly let go of some of the guilt she’s been carrying, but it seems unlikely that Jax will be very successful on this front.


General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that Jax will see something disturbing during Thursday’s episode, and Nelle will be voicing concerns about Carly. Nelle will also be talking with Sonny, telling him that she thinks he’s making a mistake, and fans are anxious to figure out what the real deal is with this Port Charles newcomer.

There is more with Elizabeth and Franco ahead, and he will once again lean on Obrecht for insight and advice regarding his blossoming relationship. Kiki is struggling in the wake of Morgan’s supposed death, but Dillon has been determined to support her and reignite the sparks they’ve shared. Teasers detail that viewers will see some awkward moments between them during Friday’s show, but there is more yet to come between these two. There is no quick and easy reunion ahead for Kiki and Dillon given what all has happened, but “Killon” fans are confident that the payoff on this front will be worth the wait.


Jason has been determined to figure out the truth about who was behind Morgan’s death, and General Hospital spoilers note that he will learn something important from Max soon. Whatever Jason learns will provide an opportunity to take action, and it sounds as if Sam and Jason will soon get a bit closer to figuring this puzzle out. As viewers know, there are many people in Port Charles who ultimately played a role in this supposed death, but there are some unknowns in the mix of things, and answers should emerge soon.

Will Hayden survive this infection? It certainly seems that she will, but her illness will set the stage for a great deal of drama in the meantime. Can Alexis clean up her act and maintain her relationship with Sam despite what happened with Danny? What does the future hold for Elizabeth and Franco as a couple? Morgan’s funeral will surely be emotional and heartbreaking, and General Hospital spoilers share that there is plenty more chaos on the way that should not be missed.

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