Kerry Washington Reminds ‘Scandal’ Fans That Olivia Pope ‘Isn’t Real’ In The Wake Of Donald Trump Winning Presidential Election

Kerry Washington is a role model for young women growing up in the world today. She plays Olivia Pope on the ABC hit, Scandal. Her character controls the world around her and has the power to make things go her way with a little persuasion and anything else that will work in her favor. Olivia Pope is fictional, but it seems some fans haven’t accepted that after the recent election. Washington is her character for a lot of fans, but some are still not able to separate the two.

Scandal fans have watched as Kerry Washington plays one of the most powerful women in the world of government without actually being a politician. She can fix almost anything, including rigging an election so that the candidate she worked with would be placed in the White House. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Kerry Washington noticed Olivia Pope was trending on Twitter and alerted her Scandal fans that Olivia Pope is not real and explained what the world needs now is love. Several celebrities were tweeting about the character, including Demi Lovato. With the amount of division in America now, Olivia Pope would be a welcome distraction from reality.


The new season of Scandal will return just in time to see Donald Trump sworn in as POTUS. Kerry Washington was an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, shouting her stance loud and proud. Since the election was called, she has only commented on Olivia Pope trending, and that is it. Washington just welcomed her second child and has been working on prepping for the new season of Scandal. It was pushed back to a mid-season January premiere because of her pregnancy. Now that the election has been handled, the world desperately needs more Olivia Pope in their lives.

Several actors have reached out to their fans to ask them to practice love, not hate, including Kerry Washington. She was shocked to see her character trending on Twitter so quickly after the election was called. The fans want Olivia Pope to sweep in and fix the situation. It wasn’t clear whether they wanted Hillary Clinton to win overall or if the thought of Donald Trump as POTUS was enough to warrant the gladiators’ help. Either way, America showed that they believed in Scandal character Olivia Pope more than Donald Trump who will take office in about 70 days on January 20, 2017.


Our world might be full of real-life Scandal characters, but Kerry Washington is not so sure an Olivia Pope actually exists. She was adamant about alerting fans she isn’t real despite their desperation for someone like her to swoop in and save America. There isn’t a Huck out there to hack into anything, and there definitely isn’t a Cyrus out there willing to stick his neck on the line for something like rigging an election. The electoral college spoke, and while it wasn’t what the popular vote was, it is what America will be dealing with for the next four years. Washington isn’t the only celebrity who supported Hillary Clinton that has been silent for the most part. Many other well-known personalities have remained quiet as well. It is a rough time among people all over the country, and celebrities are not immune.

As things progress forward, Kerry Washington will likely hear a lot more about the need for Olivia Pope. Right now, everything is being taken in, and nothing will change until January rolls around. Donald Trump is set to be the POTUS, and the amount of upset over it is scary.

Scandal will return just as one president leaves, and another takes office. If Olivia Pope can’t save us in the real world, she can absolutely save us in the world of Scandal. Kerry Washington is the person behind Olivia Pope, but Clinton supporters still hold on to some hope that maybe, just maybe, there is someone like her out there somewhere.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]