Teresa Giudice Hints She Has Evidence Jacqueline Laurita Turned Her In To The IRS?

Teresa Giudice was excited to film the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion this year because she felt she was ready to confront her former friend, Jacqueline Laurita. And it sounds like she had plenty of things she wanted to say because it didn’t take long for the accusations to start flying. Teresa had been saving some opinions for the reunion, saying that Jacqueline’s husband had cheated on her and they were reckless with their spending. But the biggest bombshell came when Teresa said that Laurita had indeed been the one who had turned Giudice in for fraud and alerted the IRS about their shady business dealings.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice is now hinting that she knows people who knew that Laurita had a hand in turning in Giudice to the IRS. During the reunion, Jacqueline was shocked and denied the accusation. And on Twitter, Laurita continued to clear her name, saying that she didn’t learn about Teresa Giudice’s legal problems until the IRS had already decided to press charges against them. Why? Because Teresa simply wasn’t telling her anything.

“Were Jacqueline and others involved in communicating with some of the people that set out to hurt Joe and I? Yes. Did I consider Jacqueline my friend at that time? Yes. Did it bother me that someone who I thought my was my friend was in cahoots with people that were trying to destroy my family and hurt my children? Absolutely,” Teresa Giudice explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Bravo, sharing that this information was enough for her to leave the friendship behind.

“That’s why I labeled Jacqueline a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that’s why I absolutely want nothing to do with her. She ran out of Rails in the season finale because she is a coward, she knows what she’s done to hurt my family, and she knows that I know,” Teresa Giudice continued, according to Bravo.


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It is interesting that Giudice is blaming Jacqueline on the IRS finding out about her husband’s business dealings, which resulted in the couple stealing millions of dollars from people. Instead, Teresa should be blaming her husband for practicing fraud in his business dealings, which is the primary reason why he’s behind bars. The IRS found out about the fraud and sentenced both of them to jail time. If he hadn’t committed fraud, it wouldn’t have mattered what Jacqueline told the IRS. Since this accusation came out near the end of the first part of the reunion special, it will be interesting to see if Giudice will bring it up again.

Teresa Giudice also faced some criticism after glaring at Andy Cohen for his question about her not getting a Ford after coming home from prison. When Giudice arrived home, she got a brand new Lexus, and Andy questioned her, asking her why she wouldn’t drive a cheaper car, such as a Ford, now that she owed so much money.

“The Ford comment. Yes, I would drive a Ford, I have driven a Ford, Joe’s F-150 pickup truck is parked in my garage. I didn’t like the question, and I gave a snarky response. The reason I felt so defensive is because of all of the attention my car received when I came home from camp. Literally the day I came home people were [talking] about my car,” Teresa Giudice explains in her Bravo blog, saying that she has nothing against a Ford and actually has one in her garage.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s supposed evidence that Jacqueline did turn her in? Do you think the people she’s referring to would step forward and back up her claims?

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