Stephen King Is Calling For Trump To Be Impeached

Horror author extraordinaire Stephen King is calling for Donald Trump to be impeached, and he's serious about his demands. Taking to social media, King used the firing of FBI Director Comey as his catalyst for demanding that POTUS No. 45 be subjected to the procedures that would result in his removal from office. And this is far from the first time the outspoken king of modern horror has called for Donald Trump's head on a metaphorical plate.

As the Independent reports, Stephen King bashed Trump and called for the sitting president to be impeached on Twitter on May 10, just one day after the world got the shocking news that the POTUS had fired FBI Director Comey in the midst of the latter's Russia probe -- which was focused directly on Donald Trump and his campaign.

Just two days later, Stephen King once again took aim at Trump on Twitter. The second time around (this round, because King has been on his Trump-trashing game since Donald was puttering around the campaign trail), Stephen King lamented a wish for Tom Kirkland to be president. For those out of the know, Tom Kirkland is a fictional character on the television series Designated Survivor (played by Kiefer Sutherland) who, as the "designated survivor," becomes POTUS after a catastrophic attack on the American Capitol during a fictional State of the Union Address.

Ironically enough, there was a lot of talk about Donald Trump's "designated survivor" during a recent Congressional address in February. As TIME reports, it turned out to be Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, a holdover from the Obama administration who was unanimously confirmed to serve a second time under Trump.
It's unclear if Stephen King was literally wishing for Kiefer Sutherland to take over Trump's White House duties or if he was metaphorically envisioning a literal designated survivor scenario because Trump hadn't been impeached within two days of him calling for the process to begin on social media.
In the months and even years since Donald Trump has stepped out of the private sector and into the world of politics, Stephen King has regularly blasted the former reality TV star on Twitter. On April 15, traditional U.S. "tax day," King trolled Trump about his failure and unwillingness to release his tax returns while being brave enough to drop bombs on foreign nations.
"Come on, chickens**t, if you're man enough to drop a mega-bomb on Afghanistan, you should be man enough to release your tax returns."
Some of Stephen King's anti-Trump tweets have apparently aimed to be humorous.
Others have taken a more serious tone.
King, the master of horror himself, has even admitted that a Donald Trump presidency is scarier than any of the horror stories he's ever conceived.
Even so, calling for Trump to be impeached is next-level Trump trolling, even for Stephen King, who's made Trump bashing his new hobby of choice.

Prior to calling for Trump to be impeached, and aside from his social media fixation on the new POTUS, Stephen King has called out Donald in several interviews, comparing him to two evil villains in his novels, Greg Stillson (The Dead Zone) and Big Jim Rennie (Under the Dome).

"In The Dead Zone, Greg Stillson is a door-to-door Bible salesman with a gift of gab, a ready wit and the common touch. He is laughed at when he runs for mayor in his small New England town, but he wins."
Despite Donald Trump often taking to Twitter himself to air his grievances against his critics and the world at large alike, he has yet to address Mr. King's repeated and even relentless criticisms of his political leadership and personality in general. At least not publicly.
As for a Trump impeachment, Stephen King isn't the only one calling for the POTUS to be impeached. Both politicians and protesters are also demanding a Trump impeachment. Bookies are now upping the odds that Trump will be impeached before he can finish out his term, and, as Huffington Post reports, the firing of FBI Director James Comey has caused Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe to demand Trump be impeached in an opinion piece for the Washington Post that has since gone viral. Tribe is so serious about his call to impeach Trump that he has even joined the advisory board of the group Impeach Trump Now.
"It is now up to Congress to save the Constitution by initiating impeachment proceedings. Trump can't say 'You're fired' to the House of Representatives."
What do you think about Stephen King and his call for Trump to be impeached? Do you agree with the horror author, or do you think that King's got the wrong idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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