Lady Gaga’s ‘Nazi’ Michael Jackson Outfit Badly Hurt Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Lady Gaga loves attention. As a matter of fact, she loves it so much that she will get her face in front of cameras whenever possible, and it isn’t always a bad thing. But her Michael Jackson outfit, which many say resembles a Nazi outfit, was a horrible choice to wear at a Clinton rally in North Carolina. But what sealed the deal for a lot of people was Hillary Clinton deciding to appear side-by-side with Gaga and even praising her.

To be fair, Lady Gaga intended to wear the outfit as a tribute to Michael Jackson. But in today’s world, intentions don’t matter. This author was at a television studio yesterday with many liberal-minded people, who were all condemning Lady Gaga’s choice of outfit and — especially — Hillary Clinton’s campaign for being too naive to realize how much of an uproar it would cause.

The Sun first reported on the uproar Monday evening.

“POP icon Lady Gaga has been slammed for her bizarre outfit while speaking at a Hillary Clinton rally, as social media users likened it to a Nazi uniform. The singer addressed supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate in North Carolina ahead of today’s election, urging them to get out and vote while also calling for reconciliation between Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s supporters.”

The article noted that the outfit was intended as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Still, that didn’t help change the opinion of most of the commenters, who condemned Gaga, after the article.

“Well the main differences are that Michael Jackson had a better body & he wasn’t crazy enough to wear it at a political rally. But no one has ever claimed gaga is good looking or intelligent so I guess we can forgive her,” said Catamus Mann.

“Dirty birds of the same feather stick together [Hillary and Gaga]…in this case both are very slimy,” claimed Joe Campbell.

The reaction on Twitter was severe.

After it had been revealed that Gaga was actually dressed as Michael Jackson, some accused her of supporting pedophilia.

It’s important to note that Michael Jackson was never charged with being a pedophile. However, the association still haunts him. The New York Daily News’ latest report doesn’t help.

“Michael Jackson has a new child sex accuser – and this time it’s a woman. A California plaintiff identified only as Jane Doe filed a negligence lawsuit against the late King of Pop’s production companies Tuesday claiming Jackson molested her as a child then paid close to a million dollars in hush money to keep her quiet.”

The article adds that the anonymous woman claims she was 12-years old in 1986 when she stopped by Michael Jackson’s teen home in Los Angeles. Jackson allegedly rolled up in a Mercedes, and the rest is history. Still, Michael Jackson’s fans vehemently believe he has never done harm to any kids.

Michael Jackson isn’t the first person Lady Gaga has associated herself with who has been accused of being a sexual abuser. Gaga is good friends with photographer Terry Richardson, an accused (but never convicted) sexual abuser who also directed a video for a song called “Do What You Want To My Body,” which co-starred R. Kelly, another singer accused of molesting children. The video was never officially released, but clips from it made their way onto the Internet.

It’s important to note that since the release of the video, Lady Gaga has been a strong advocate for sexual assault victims, even recording a highly-praised anti-rape song called “Till It Happens To You.” This song was used in the documentary The Hunting Ground.

Lady Gaga’s heart may be in the right place, but her presentation gives a lot of mixed messages. Perhaps the latest event with Hillary Clinton will teach her a lesson that causes her to be more careful with her presentation in the future.

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