Kody Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Dealing With Huge Financial Debt, Owes Over Six Figures

Kody Brown of the hit show, Sister Wives, has been through his fair share of drama over the years with the people who watch the show. Now, it turns out that Kody might be making good money from the show, but it isn’t enough to cover all of the bills for his four wives and all of their children. Life & Style Magazine is now sharing that Kody Brown of Sister Wives is in a lot of debt and somehow needs to find a way to get out of it.

Family friend Kendra Pollard is speaking out and sharing what is going on with the Brown family. She says that Robyn Brown is the one who has been hit the hardest by debt. She explained that her son, Dayton, “had a horrific ATV accident and had to go through extensive surgery to repair his face. Insurance covered it a little bit.” Kendra said that eventually a hospital lien was put on Robyn’s Las Vegas home for unpaid medical bills. This was settled last year, though.

The show Sister Wives is coming back to TLC on November 27. There was some talk about canceling it, but after Meri Brown’s big catfishing drama last season, TLC made the choice to bring it back again. Kendra shared the details, saying “He’s been un­der so much pressure be­cause his entire livelihood depends on Sister Wives.” Kody knows that they need to keep this show going no matter what it takes. She shared that the debt that Kody Brown is dealing with is in the six figures, but didn’t give an exact amount.

On the show, viewers have seen Kody Brown and his four wives try various jobs. Some of them watch the children more than work, but of course, that has to be done. The Brown family gets paid for their reality show, but none of them really work a traditional job. Janelle Brown has recently started working in real estate, but Meri Brown lost her job when it was revealed to the world that she was a polygamist. The family also made the big move to Las Vegas, which cost a lot of money for them.

Us Magazine shared a preview for the new season of Sister Wives, and what fans should expect to see when the show returns with Kody Brown and his four wives. Kody is seen talking to his daughter Mariah and explaining that the catfishing issue was hard on his marriage. Mariah says that she had been telling her mom that is what was going on, but she didn’t believe her. Kody then says, “I am not doubting that I was somewhat a catalyst.”

This season you will also get to see Maddie Brown get married. She is the first one of the Brown kids to tie the knot, but everyone in the family loves her new husband, Caleb Brush, and they were fine with it. Mykelti Brown is also getting engaged this season on the show. Her mom, Christine, isn’t really okay with it, though. The viewers haven’t had a chance to get to know her fiance, Tony, and Christine doesn’t feel like Mykelti is the same person when she is with her future husband. She says, “Mykelti is so different when [Antonio’s] around. She’s quiet, and she’s reserved.”

Are you shocked to hear that Kody Brown has so much debt to deal with? Do you think that Kody and his four wives are going to end up staying together? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives when they start to air on Sunday, November 27 on TLC. It is obviously going to be a drama-filled season with Kody Brown and his family that you do not want to miss.

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