Donald Trump Hating Celebs Threaten To take America Back From The Poor And Dispossessed Masses Who Voted Him In

Democracy has spoken. Donald Trump is President of the U.S. and there’s not a damned thing anybody can do about it.

Yet that hasn’t stopped hordes of self-obsessed celebrities taking to social media like an elite collective of out of touch malcontents, threatening to take America back from the clutching grasp of the mighty Donald.

Here’s the rub. America doesn’t want to be taken back. She has chosen her preference, and like it or lump it, it’s the billionaire with the orange hair and ill-fitting suit.

Yet the out of touch, attention-seeking throng of patronizing puppets, who can be loosely generalized under the term “celebrity,” seemingly don’t agree with the one person, one vote principle, and famous Hillary supporters everywhere, have crawled out of their basements to attack America’s right to exercise her democratic will.

In much the same way, that a handful of filthy rich legal beagles in the U.K. have launched an elitist assault on democracy by trying to prevent Brexit, with the argument that the masses are sort of thick and ignorant and don’t deserve a direct say on the big things in their life, celebrities in America have clubbed together to kindly tell us dreary dullards and pathetic plebs that Donald Trump equals Armageddon and anyone who voted for him is responsible for the slow death of humanity.

Katy Perry, addressed her 94 million followers on Twitter in the early hours and implored them that “We will never be silenced.”

Exactly Katy, that’s the basic theory behind democracy.

The sullen songbird who not so long ago delightedly informed the world she’d release a naked video of herself as click-bait if we’d just vote for Hillary, was obviously disappointed that she couldn’t “change the world” through the mystical power of t**s and a**, and told her followers that there was “a revolution coming.”


Meanwhile, not one to shy away from the grandiose and somewhat nauseating statement, Lady Gaga took to Twitter and implored America to “say a prayer.”

She also staged a protest outside Trump Tower, which saw the Clinton endorsing singer looking solemn, whilst clutching onto a garbage truck and holding a placard which read “Love Trumps Hate.”

Not to be outdone in the virtue signaling stakes, Eva Longoria felt such a tragic event as Trump getting his hands on the keys to the White House would be best marked by her posting an unhappy selfie of herself on Snapchat with the caption “What is happening?????!!!!”


Democracy is happening Eva, that’s what. It’s big, bad, and beautiful, and it’s tired of listening to the self-appointed guardians of the world preaching from their ivory towers about who we should and shouldn’t vote for.

No doubt disappointed that Trump will not be inviting her to the White House to give a rendition of “If I could Turn Back Time,” Cher upped the ante somewhat in terms of over-exaggeration by announcing, “I feel like there’s a death in my family.”

The whole thing really does stink of what the Brits call bad sportsmanship and sour grapes.

With many questioning how a man like Trump could become President of the U.S. Madonna offered solace to all by posting a picture of herself in a fur coat and shades on social media, with the caption, “A new fire is lit. We never give up. We never give in.”


Perhaps not Madge, but maybe you should respect the democratic principle, otherwise, you’re just left with the unyielding tyranny of the elite.

Famous British pop star Lilly Allen was also desperate for a little bit of attention on the back of Trump’s result and waded into the debate by posting on Twitter, “Today is for outrage and disappointment. Tomorrow we take our world back.”


Great idea Lilly. Perhaps we should start with the equal distribution of wealth?

Mad Men star January Jones posted a picture of her character on Instagram, looking like someone had just savagely eaten her kitten, with the question, “How do we explain this to our children.”


Pointing them in the direction of On Liberty by John Stuart Mill would be a fine place to start Miss Jones.

Ariana Grande tweeted, “Well this is absolutely terrifying.” And John Cho felt the need to add, “Entering a depression I’ve not known before. It is deep and wide and scary.”


Really? Terrifying? Scary?

I suppose if someone like Hillary Clinton had taken the reins of power, everyone would sleep a whole lot better tonight, especially those who live in countries Hillary views as a threat to America’s interests.

Earlier this year, the Globalist reported that Hillary, “made a point of criticizing the White House for its overly restrained policies vis-à-vis Syria’s Assad, Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi.”

“The record demonstrates that she certainly is a hawk – someone who believes strongly in the utility of military force and is ready to use it. There is ample evidence in support of this contention.

“Her actions as Senator and Secretary of State as well her speeches and campaign statements paint a picture of a would-be President who views the world in terms of an ominous threat environment.”

Of course, we shouldn’t let this muddy the clear and crystal water celebrity hogs like to wallow in. In their simplistic view of the universe, Trump is the bad man, Clinton is the good woman.

Only this time, America didn’t agree with them.

[Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]