WWE News: Ryback Admits To Previous Drug Use Prior To His WWE Stint

Since leaving WWE earlier this year, Ryback has had a lot of interesting stories to tell on his new podcast. The latest, however, appears to be a darker one, as it chronicles “The Big Guy” and his misadventures with illegal drugs prior to breaking out in the WWE. It isn’t, however, the first time Ryback talked about his earlier drug use.

You might have read the Inquisitr‘s previous report on Ryback, which also cited his podcast, Conversation With The Big Guy (and Wrestling Inc), as the source for a story about being drugged at a Halloween party hosted by Windham Rotunda, a.k.a. Bray Wyatt. There was also a previous episode of the podcast where he talked about his steroid use, as documented in a report from Uproxx. Last month, the 35-year-old former WWE talent admitted to having used steroids for “about five years” before joining WWE, but he also acknowledged that his previous performance-enhancing drug use did not benefit him one bit back when he was taking them.

“I had a very negative reaction to testosterone and different steroids where it shut me down tremendously. And when I say, ‘shut me down’, my natural testosterone did not come back or it was not back to what was perceived to be the normal limits, which is not uncommon, but everyone reacts differently.”

As of this week, Conversation With The Big Guy has just wrapped up its 11th installment, and Ryback’s drug use stories kept coming in on the latest episode. In here, Ryback claims four-time Mr. Olympia bodybuilder Jay Cutler had introduced him to steroids after having approached him when he was only 19-years-old, weighing only about 235 to 240 pounds, and still a college student who worked part-time at a Las Vegas Gold’s Gym.


According to Ryback, it was Cutler who had “put (the idea) in (his) head” that he should use steroids, and he had agreed with this idea while in his early 20s, thinking that that was what he needed to be successful as a professional wrestler.

However, Ryback wasn’t just abusing steroids as a much younger man, and he added in this week’s Conversation With The Big Guy that he was also abusing the muscle relaxant GHB while he was at Deep South Wrestling. Wrestling Inc quoted this admission from Ryback, where he also claimed to have gotten addicted to the drug at one point.

“A good portion of the guys had their water bottles full of this stuff. And it wasn’t the environment of today, but we would train five days a week and just kill ourselves and go through all of that. And on the weekends and shows, and just, yeah, decompress, have fun, do whatever the f*** we want, drink, and do this GHB, which, eventually, I would do it every day. It became a very regular part of my life, where, for me, it was kind of the first thing I really, truly got addicted to down there.”

Ryback described the feeling he got from using GHB as “weird,” as he’d use the drug after practice, take a nap afterward, eat, then consume another capsule so that he’d have enough energy to work out some more. After working out, Ryback would then go home, do “a bunch” of GHB, then fall asleep as the drug took its effect.


As is the case with almost any other drug, GHB didn’t come without some unpleasant side effects. Ryback related a story of how GHB would make him sleepwalk if he consumed it at night. But the most revealing misadventure “The Big Guy” had with the drug, as it turned out, was when he tried mixing it with alcohol one Saturday night, resulting in some very unpleasant consequences. That Sunday morning, he was tasked to drive The Great Khali, then assigned to Deep South for training, to the grocery store, but instead of picking up Khali, he woke up way too late and discovered his room filled with bodily waste from the night before.

“I’m sitting there, lying in bed, and I sit up, and I smell, like, the most horrid smell that you could ever imagine smelling.”

Once again, Conversation With The Big Guy turned out to be another NSFW affair, filled with more Ryback drug stories from his long career as a professional wrestler. As he looks back on those tales, it’s definitely good to know that “The Big Guy” appears to have been drug-free for a while. But one has to wonder what he’ll have in store for future episodes of his podcast, given that he’s pulled no punches in describing the ins and out of his wrestling career.

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images]