Jamie Lee Curtis Blasts Trump For Sexist Remarks, Urges Americans To ‘Keep Calm’

Jamie Lee Curtis has the spirit of an explorer who loves to wander without fear or inhibitions. According to The Week, the actress and author spoke about the important role an explorative attitude has in an individual’s survival.

“And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I must fight against any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual.”

Jamie Lee Curtis’s comments came when the True Lies actress referred to John Steinbeck’s East of Eden as one of her favorite books, a book that’s had a profound impact on her. Revealing that historical fiction is her favorite genre, the author/actress named James Clavell’s Shogun, John William’s Stoner, and Jim Harrison’s Dalva as some of her favorite novels.

Although she has no formal education in literature, Jamie Lee Curtis has demonstrated a keen interest in trying to understand matured themes when, at the age of 13-years-old, she read James Clavell’s King Rat. She then demonstrated her literary skills by authoring a number of children’s books, illustrated by Laura Cornell and published by Harper Collins.

Curtis’s children’s picture books have been well received, and it’s been recommended they be taught to children in elementary school. In fact, Harper Collins published A Teacher’s Guide to the World of Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell to assist teachers in focusing on the important aspects of a child’s development: aspects such as communication, self-esteem, imagination, emotions, and personal identity.

In addition to possessing literary and acting skills, Jamie Lee Curtis’s explorative spirit has enabled her to flaunt her innovative prowess. The actress has been credited with inventing a unique baby diaper that comes with an inbuilt wiper.

Jamie Lee Curtis’s affinity with children became evident recently when she attacked Donald Trump after he appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show and made lewd remarks about Lindsay Lohan, the former child actress. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has run into trouble in its last few weeks when a number of women have stepped forward to hurl accusations of sexual abuse at the Republican candidate.

Incidentally, CNN leaked an audio segment of Howard Stern’s radio footage where Trump, who is very likely to become America’s next President, was heard making inappropriate comments about women, including his own daughter, Ivanka Trump. Moreover, he stated that Lindsay Lohan would make a good sexual partner in bed because she was currently going through troubled times.

Trump’s simple yet shocking assumption was that troubled women tend to make better sex partners. It’s been reported that Lindsay Lohan has been going through a bad patch, ever since her career as an adult celebrity failed to take off. Jamie Lee Curtis has been deeply offended by Trump’s recorded audio, especially since she played the role of Lindsay Lohan’s mother in 2003. According to News Australia, the actress criticized Trump for his unscrupulous behavior — behavior that’s not expected from a presidential nominee.

“I am appalled. Lindsay needed help and guidance. Not your gross, lecherous, lewd commentary. YOU are the Republican nominee for the Presidency.”

During the radio interview, Donald Trump also passed lewd remarks about celebrities like the late Anna Nicole Smith and Rosie O’Donnell. Being an influential personality, Jamie Lee Curtis believes that the President of the United States should be someone citizens can look up to. According to People magazine, Curtis revealed her criteria and standards for choosing an effective President.

“I believe that words and deeds matter. That our next president should be chosen based on their qualifications, deeds, actions and words. This has made our divisions seem cavernous.”

It’s very clear that Donald Trump has failed to meet Jamie Lee Curtis’s benchmarks for becoming Barack Obama’s successor. Given the shock trends in today’s election results and the ever-increasing likelihood that Donald Trump will be the next American President, Jamie Lee Curtis must be feeling deeply disappointed at America’s decision.

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