Trump Election Night Lead Causes Canada Immigration Website To Crash [Breaking]

An almost unbelievably large Trump election night lead has reportedly caused the Canada immigration website to crash. As American voters struggle to grapple with the possibility of a Trump presidency, apparently the disgruntled populous is readying their escape plans. As RT reports, in the midst of a very unexpectedly successful election night lead for Donald Trump, Americans rushed the Canadian Immigration website looking for relief.

Unfortunately, the Trump lead Canada immigration plans many tried desperately to make didn’t get very far. That’s because so many American citizens aghast at the Trump election night lead tried to plot their exit strategy at the same time that the Canada immigration website actually crashed. At least that’s the assumption. No one has confirmed that an American exodus crashed the Canada immigration site, reports Buzzfeed.

However, at the same time that the Canada immigration website crashed and in the midst of an astonishing Trump lead, another interesting Internet trend was also noted. Reportedly, search engine searches for the word “emigrate” were also hugely popular.

Many Americans who attempted to flee the horror of a Trump lead (at least momentarily, in their fantasies) were shut down when the Canada immigration website featured nothing more than a 503 error message.

Not surprisingly, a lot of social media users were shocked and awed by the error message they saw when they attempted to access the Canada immigration website. Maybe even a little frightened if they were working out their emigration plans to Canada in the wake of a highly probable Donald Trump presidential win.

Currently, as CNN reports, an unpredicted Trump election night lead is underway. While no network has come right out and called the election in Trump’s favor, it’s certainly looking more and more likely that he will win.

At this point on election night, the Trump lead has extended beyond the popular vote to the electoral college. As Americans desperately seek out the Canada immigration website for relief, Donald Trump has secured 244 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 209. Clinton’s only remaining path to victory will require her to win Michigan and Wisconsin, states that seemed guaranteed at the beginning of election night.

Right now, Donald Trump seems unlikely to relinquish his election night lead. He is poised to win both states. If Trump is able to do so, he will win the 2016 presidential election.

This is reportedly what millions of Americans have realized, prompting them to seek out the Canada immigration site. And only to be slapped in the face once again when they find it to be crashed.

It appears as though some Americans are repeatedly trying their luck at the Canada immigration site as Trump holds onto his election night lead. In some cases, interested parties are able to access the website and begin planning their Canadian emigration. Or at least getting the ball rolling.


Or at least fantasize about a life without a Donald Trump election night lead.

While some people are able to access the Canada immigration website, many still cannot, including this writer. However, WikiHow does offer some advice for Americans hopelessly trying to seek out the Canada immigration website due to a Trump lead.

According to the third party site, there are a few things you must do if you are interested in making a (legal) run for the border with Canada.

  • Determine your eligibility and immigration options.
  • Decide where in Canada (which province) you want to relocate to.
  • Make sure you meet the immigration requirements of your selected province (when the Canada immigration site recovers from its Trump election night lead shock).
  • Figure out whether you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Make sure you don’t have any “risks” that will eliminate your eligibility (criminal record, serious health risk, etc.)
  • Choose the best Canada immigration program for your situation.
  • Fill out all of the documentations and arrange for all required tests.
  • Apply for a permanent visa.

Of course, these are just the basic steps that any American considering a move to Canada will need to complete, and it can be a time-consuming process, especially if you haven’t been making preparations to make the move.

What do you think? Do you think Donald Trump will win? Can Hillary pull it off? Are you considering fleeing to Canada? Are you surprised that the Trump election night lead apparently caused Americans to seek out the Canada immigration website to such an extent that the presumption is that they crashed it?

[Featured Image by The Inquisitr]