Florida 2016 Election Live Results: Get Up-To-The-Minute Voting Totals From The Presidential Race And Statewide Contests

Voters can follow Florida 2016 election results live online and see whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will win the all-important Sunshine State, along with whether Marco Rubio holds onto his Senate seat.

Florida is once again shaping up to be one of the most important swing states, with what amounted to a razor-thin margin separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in polls going into Election Day. It is a state that has correctly predicted the president every year but one since 1972 and has been key in both of Barack Obama and George W. Bush’s victories.

But there are also a number of key statewide races as well, including Republican Marco Rubio looking to hold onto his Senate seat. Rubio is facing Democrat Patrick Murphy, who was trailing by close to four points in recent polls, Mediaite noted.

“As of Monday afternoon, the polls strongly favor Rubio. RealClearPolitics average of recent polls showed the former GOP presidential contender ahead with a 3.7-point lead,” the report noted.

Polls in Florida close at 7 p.m. ET, but final results could be tabulated well into the evening hours if the races are as close as expected.

If the polls going into Election Day are accurate, then those watching live results of Florida election results are likely to see Hillary Clinton win by a small margin. She led a series of Battleground polls and was a roughly 55 percent favorite to win the state on FiveThirtyEight‘s listing of the most recent polling.

Live results from the Florida 2016 election can also be seen below.

As NPR noted, the Florida 2016 election results could very well come down to the state’s sizeable Latino population.

“The Latino vote is crucial in Florida. In particular, the Puerto Rican population has grown significantly; it has turned the formerly swing I-4 Corridor (the highway that stretches from Tampa to Orlando) to pretty reliably Democratic. Also, the Cuban population has grown less Republican because of a big generational shift. Younger Cubans, for example, are more in favor of lifting the Cuba embargo, something once seen as political kryptonite in South Florida.”

The report added that Hillary Clinton would likely need to get a strong turnout among black voters, a demographic that helped propel Barack Obama to a razor-thin victory in 2012 when he won by a margin of 75,000 votes out of 8 million voters.

And Clinton also got a boost from a ruling last month that allowed the voter deadline to be extended, NPR added.

“Democrats also breathed a sigh of relief when a federal court extended the voter-registration deadline in the state following Hurricane Matthew after Republican Gov. Rick Scott opposed doing so,” the report noted.


Those following live results of the 2016 Florida election could also avoid some of the allegations playing out in other states. Donald Trump has continually raised the idea that Democrats might commit voter fraud, but local Florida officials said there are strong safeguards in place.

“We hear a lot of chatter about it because people have heard the comments from the candidate, so they want to talk about it,” Bill Cowles, Orange County’s elections supervisor, told the Orlando Sentinel. “But our machines are only scanning the [paper] ballot and tabulating the totals. These machines are not connected to the outside world.”

The president race is not the only one gaining national interest in Florida. Rubio’s race will also be an important one, as Republicans are holding onto a thin advantage in the Senate and Democrats will have a big chance to take over. Though Rubio has held a clear lead, there are some recent polls showing Murphy within striking distance.

Those who want to follow live results of the Florida 2016 election can find up-to-date voting totals from NPR. Full statewide results can also be found at the Orlando Sentinel.

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