Does Donald Trump Have An Arizona Problem? Arizona HS Students Stage Walkout To Campaign Against Trump [Video]

A developing story out of Arizona indicates that Donald Trump could have a serious problem on his hands in the state. Arizona is a traditionally Republican state, and as the Daily Wildcat reports, it’s unlikely that Arizona is going to swing away for Donald Trump this election cycle, although it is within the realm of possibility.

In fact, while most electoral maps show Arizona as “leaning Republican,” there are a few factors in the state that don’t bode well for Donald Trump. Not the least of which is the fact that both of Arizona’s U.S. senators have come out against Trump in very public manners, and both have said that they refuse to vote for Donald Trump on Election Day.


If Republicans don’t show up to the polls in decent numbers, it is within the realm of possibility that Hillary Clinton could pick up the traditionally red state’s 11 electoral votes, especially when you consider the early voting results in the state. According to reports, roughly two-thirds of registered Arizona voters have already voted early, and the numbers aren’t good for Donald Trump. Of those votes, 4,000 more belonged to Democrats than Republicans.

It’s highly possible that the young Hispanic vote could further sway the Arizona vote away from Donald Trump, and early voting among younger voters shows that Clinton may have a substantial advantage that Democrats haven’t seen since her husband’s Arizona victory in 1996.


This Election Day, things may have gotten even worse for Donald Trump in Arizona. That’s because, as ABC 15 reports, a bunch of Arizona high school students have gotten into the political fray. Students from both North High School and Maryvale High School in Arizona have reportedly staged anti-Donald Trump walkouts on Tuesday.

The purpose: To protest Donald Trump (as well as controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio) on Election Day.

The high school students, hundreds strong, have loaded an inflatable effigy of Joe Arpaio into the back of a pickup truck and are driving/walking through the community in an effort to canvas voters and encourage them not to vote for Donald Trump or incumbent Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Reaction to the Arizona high school student’s anti-Donald Trump protests has been mixed, at least according to comments on ABC 15’s Facebook live feed.

“They are the future, it’s their right to let voters know how they feel.”

“Future criminals who fear Sheriff Joe cause he doesn’t play!!!!”

Folks have also taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the anti-Trump Arizona high school walkout.


The move by the Donald Trump-protesting Arizona high school students comes amid a very tight and contentious election, an election in which Donald Trump has continually alleged that the process is “rigged” against him and in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Since the presidential debates, American voters have wondered whether or not Donald Trump will accept the results of the election or if he will contest them in some litigious way should he lose his White House bid. Leading up to Election Day, it’s looking like Trump may try to wrangle a win using the legal system rather than the will of the voters, especially since he and his campaign opted to file a lawsuit against Clark County, Nevada.


The reason for the Nevada lawsuit filed by Donald Trump? As CNN reports, Trump alleges that Clark County kept polling locations open too late during Friday’s early voting; it was reportedly open until 10 p.m. when it was supposed to close at 7 p.m.

On Monday night, Donald Trump and his team filed a lawsuit to have the ballots cast at the Clark County location separated by the Registrar of Voters from the rest of the state’s ballots. On Tuesday, a Nevada judge denied Trump’s request.

“I am not ordering him (Gloria) to preserve anything. This is Election Day. He has other things to be doing.”


According to Clark County, no one who showed up after 7 p.m. was allowed to vote. However, people who were in line when the polling location closed were allowed to continue to wait in line to cast their ballot, rather than being turned away. The move was in accordance with Nevada voting regulations.

Now that the news has broken that Arizona high school students have walked out in protest of Donald Trump and are actively canvassing against him on Election Day, one wonders if he will file additional lawsuits in the State of Arizona.

It will be an interesting election night, to be certain. When the polls close and the results start to roll in, Donald Trump and the nation will know whether or not Hillary was able to pull off an upset in Arizona.

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