‘NCIS’, ‘Chicago Fire’, Other TV Shows Not Airing Tonight: Presidential Election Cancels Regular Programming

Those hoping to watch a new episode of their favorite shows tonight will be disappointed. There will be no NCIS, Chicago Fire, and more due to the President Election. Regular TV is canceled, and you’re stuck with the race to the White House.

One week off the regular programming wouldn’t usually be a problem. However, NCIS and Bull fans were disappointed last week when CBS decided to change the scheduled programming at the last minute. Those tuning in for new episodes were treated to a rerun, and it was all due to the MLB World Series going into game six. The network decided that it didn’t want to compete with the sporting fixture, despite sharing all week that new episodes would run.


CBS also canceled Wednesday night’s Criminal Minds due to game seven of the World Series. It didn’t cancel Code Black or any other programming. The good news for fans was that Criminal Minds Season 12 would only need to wait a week for the new episode. Tuesday night TV show fans have been stuck with two weeks of their favorite TV shows off the air.

NCIS and Bull fans are not the only ones disappointed this week. Last week, NBC only made a change to the Wednesday night programming for baseball. This Is Us and Chicago Fire still aired as expected. This week, the two shows will not be on for the Presidential Election. They are not the only shows affected.


International Business Times reports that many other networks are following CBS and NBC in canceling NCIS and Chicago Fire tonight. The CW is not going to air a new episode of The Flash, although No Tomorrow is expected to air. ABC, Fox, and Lifetime are also putting their regular scheduling on hold for the week. This means no Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scream Queens, Dance Moms, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, American Housewife, and more not airing tonight.

Any fans of the Fox shows will need to wait another week for their favorites. The shows were off last week, like NCIS and Bull, due to the baseball game. Fox was airing the baseball, unlike CBS, which just didn’t want to compete.

In total, 13 programs have been taken off the air for Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The only reasoning in the Presidential Elections, and it is not because the networks have no faith in the programs. All programs may be losing some steam, but they are still performing well on the networks.


NCIS has been an issue in recent weeks. The departure of Tony DiNozzo and the poor-performing new team members have not helped the flagship program. While NCIS Season 14 will likely remain safe, there are worries that NCIS Season 15 will not actually be picked up, despite CBS previously saying that it would air the season. DiNozzo may return for Episode 7, but there are suggests that it will be DiNozzo Sr, rather than the fan-favorite played by Michael Weatherly.

However, Weatherly has shared his wish for an NCIS-Bull crossover. Weatherly left NCIS at the end of Season 13 to take up the main role in the new CBS drama Bull. It is performing above average, but Weatherly knows that many of his fans would love to see him back on the naval crime drama.


TV shows will be back to their regularly planned programming next week. There is still no confirmation over how CBS will handle where the midseason finale will be with NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, and Bull. Will the network continue for an extra week before the New Year or finish with the planned week and air the intended midseason finale episode in the New Year? NCIS fans hope to find out soon.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]