Amazon Hiring Housekeepers: Amazon Prime Membership To Come With A Housekeeper Soon?

Would you find an Amazon Prime membership more enticing if it came with a housekeeper? People are starting to speculate this might be one of the perks anyone with a Prime membership has to look forward to.

International Business Times reports anyone with an Amazon Prime membership might soon be able to book housekeepers to come to their home and help with household chores as part of a membership perk. Amazon listed a job advertisement on their website looking for an expert in housekeeping who lives in the Seattle, Washington area.

In the advertisement, Amazon claims they are looking for an “expert” to help customers keep up with their homes. Amazon claims they want someone to help customers with certain chores.

  • Tidying up around the home
  • Doing laundry
  • And helping put groceries and other accessories (such as soaps and toilet paper) away

Amazon claims the goal of the housekeeper position is to make it possible for customers to return to an “errand-free home.”

Amazon is offering the housekeeper position as a full-time position with on-site training, as well as benefits such as health insurance, a flexible work schedule, and Amazon stock. The advertisement describes this as the perfect job for someone who loves “making a house feel like a home” again.

The ability to use your Amazon Prime membership to book a housekeeper to come to your home seems to go in line with other perks such as the Dash buttons and the express delivery services. With the Dash buttons, anyone with an Amazon Prime membership able to press a button when they are running low on all sorts of essentials such as laundry soap or toilet paper. The items requested using the Dash button are typically delivered to the customer the next day.

Perhaps customers with a Prime membership will be able to book a housekeeper by purchasing a Dash button for housekeeping? International Business Times speculates it is possible Amazon will integrate Alexa and Echo to make this service happen. For example, the customer could use their Amazon voice-activated assistant and say “Alexa, clean my house” and then Amazon could send a housekeeper to the customer’s home.

Amazon Prime Membership Housekeepers Is An Experiment, For Now

For now, it is safe to assume Amazon is just testing the waters with the idea of offering housekeepers as an Amazon Prime perk. This is an unlikely service for the company to just immediately open to all customers. Furthermore, the advertisement Amazon put out to hire a housekeeper for Amazon customer was rather low-key as Amazon never made an announcement about it. Is there a reason Amazon is trying to keep the position opening low-key?

One question many people are asking is how Amazon is going to afford to offer a housekeeper as an Amazon Prime membership perk as the current membership rate may not offer the company the opportunity to pay housekeepers a fair wage in addition to all of the other perks anyone with a membership currently gets. Could customers be asked to supply the cleaning products for the Amazon housekeepers? Could customers be required to pay an additional fee to book a housekeeper?

Currently, anyone with a Prime membership gets access to free express deliveries including same-day, next-day, and even two-hour delivery with Prime Now. Prime members get access to an instant video streaming service similar to Netflix and Dash buttons. Could the ability to book a housekeeper be the next perk anyone with an Amazon membership has to look forward to?

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Would you book an Amazon housekeeper if it became the new perk of having a Prime membership? Is this a perk you would be willing to pay extra for? Would you try applying for an Amazon housekeeping position if it was offered in your state?

Share your thoughts about the ability to book a housekeeper becoming a new Amazon Prime membership perk in the comments section below.

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