Donald Trump Appears To Peek At Melania Trump’s Vote: Did She Vote for Hillary? [Video]

Donald Trump might be worried that Melania Trump voted for Hillary Clinton. As US Uncut reports, Trump appeared to peek at Melania’s vote today. Check out the video to judge for yourself.

As you can imagine, the response on social media was as swift as it was hilarious, with some bringing up that time Melania Trump plagiarized a speech by Michelle Obama at the Republican National Convention.

We’ll probably never know exactly why Donald Trump couldn’t keep his eyes to himself, but according to US Uncut, Donald Trump peeking at Melania’s ballot could be against the law. New York has laws that penalize the violation of privacy at voting booths. If he faces consequences for being a peeping Tom at the voting booth, The Donald won’t be the only Trump in hot water for election day shenanigans.

As The Independent reports, Donald’s son, Eric Trump, tweeted a picture of his signed ballot to show solidarity for his father’s presidential campaign. The tweet was soon deleted.

There are also photos which seem to show Eric Trump peeking at his wife’s vote. Like father like son, indeed.


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In other news, The Donald did not receive the warmest welcome when he went to cast his ballot today in his home state of New York. As The Huffington Post reports, the Republican candidate for president 2016 was booed and jeered as he made his way to the voting booth.

According to The Huffington Post, Donald Trump voted at a Manhattan public school, PS 59, and there were protests at the school. In fact, several protesters were arrested.

On the flip side, The Huffington Post reports that Hillary Clinton was greeted with a round of applause when she arrived at her polling station to vote.

“It’s a humbling feeling,” Clinton said to reporters at the polling station, The New York Times reports.

“I know how much responsibility goes with this,” she continued.

“So many people are counting on the outcome of this election and what it means for the country.”

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]