Howard Stern’s Role In Trump’s Lewd Comments About Daughter Ivanka

Howard Stern, the famous radio personality, is the latest celebrity to become involved in the anti-Trump campaign by launching an “October Surprise,” a surprise attack on a presidential candidate to weaken his or her political campaign just before an election.

Some women have recently alleged that Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, has sexually harassed them; and prominent Hollywood personalities, like Tom Hanks, were mortified after a tape showing Donald Trump making lewd remarks about women was leaked to the media. According to 9 News, Trump has drawn flak from fellow Republicans due to his comments about groping women.

Now, CNN has discovered earlier recordings of Howard Stern’s radio show in which Trump not only made derogatory remarks about women, he also made some shocking comments about Ivanka Trump, his eldest daughter.

During a conversation with Howard Stern, the presidential candidate revealed that he believes women become unattractive after reaching the age of 35. Moreover, People magazine reports that the presidential hopeful revealed he loved going backstage during the Miss Universe beauty pageant to watch the contestants undress.

“I’ll go backstage, and everyone’s getting dressed, and everything else, and you know, no men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it.”

Trump has appeared on Howard Stern’s show many times during the last 17 years, and there have been many occasions when he’s made remarks about Ivanka Trump’s physique. Earlier in 2004, Donald Trump willingly allowed Howard Stern to call Ivanka a “piece of a**”: the radio jockey sought his permission to use the slang term to show appreciation for his daughter’s beauty.

According to CNN, Trump also stated that Ivanka was naturally well-proportioned, and this comment was made after Howard commented on Ivanka’s physique in a 2006 radio interview.

“She’s actually always been very voluptuous. She’s tall; she’s almost 6 feet tall, and she’s… an amazing beauty.”

It’s important to note that Trump made his appearance on Howard Stern’s show as a business magnate, one who’s well-known for his playboy personality. Additionally, Stern was not a regular jockey but rather a “shock jock,” a radio personality who makes a show more entertaining by being purposely offensive.

As an interviewee, Trump knew that the primary purpose of the interview was to increase the entertainment value of the show without resorting to serious talk. And being someone who understands only too well how the entertainment industry works, Trump was aware that he had to bear Howard Stern’s mischief without getting upset.

However, there’s a general perception that Trump should never have agreed to the offensive questions being asked about Ivanka. It’s not known what prompted Trump to engage in a conversation that could easily have been avoided, but his remarks about Ivanka have portrayed him in a bad light because it’s certainly not appropriate for a presidential candidate to proudly comment on his daughter’s physical appearance. Moreover, many people feel that it’s not appropriate for any father to address questions about his daughter’s beauty and physique.

It would not be entirely wrong to blame Howard Stern because he quickly came to realize that it was in the show’s best interest to have Donald Trump on as often as he could. It’s a well-known fact that Stern has a knack of luring his guests onto his show, where they get trapped in situations and have no choice but to blurt out statements that later prove to be controversial.

On a personal front, Howard Stern claims to be supporting Hillary Clinton, irrespective of the camaraderie he enjoyed with Trump. According to Politico, Stern revealed that he would not be supporting Trump for President, even though he doesn’t dislike him.

“I don’t dislike Trump as a candidate, but I am absolutely enamored by Hillary. And I’ve told Donald that.”

[Featured Image by Louis Lanzano/AP Images]