‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Survival DLC 1.5 Patch/Update: Review Of Frontline Gear Set, Sealed Caches/Loot, And Named Weapons For PTS Gameplay

Tom Clancy’s The Division DLC Survival 1.5 PTS update launched yesterday and with it new gear sets, sealed caches, and named weapons, according to WCCF Tech. For instance, the Frontline gear set was revealed as it was replaced in the 1.3 patch with Deadeye equipment pieces. Back then it wasn’t quite balanced, so it wasn’t ready for its reveal.

There is also the next tier, master level gear sets produced via sealed caches from the update which is something else to look forward to.


To clarify, the Survival DLC PTS is available only for Season Pass holders and for PC users. Non-Season Pass players will still be able to check out the 1.5 update, though.

Console owners don’t have access to this now, but it would benefit them to stay informed with The Division 1.5 Survival information and videos sprouting up online.

Sealed Caches Based On Performance And Successful Extraction

Sealed caches in Survival can be acquired by two means. If they are dropped randomly by NPCs in the Dark Zone, you can pick them up and store them in your limited container. You can then extract the sealed caches. You also don’t have to necessarily survive either.

If you keel over from exposure or die in battle, depending on your performance, you’ll still get rewarded with sealed caches. There’s a scoreboard of results and depending on the numbers there, you’ll be rewarded with the corresponding caches.

The loot can turn out master level 256 gear score items and weapons, too.

Master Tier 256 Gear Score Equipment

Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC does tend to yield tons of new gear. One could ascertain that the DLC is quite daunting, challenging, and has a more involved set of mechanics. Do you think Massive is justifying any kind of reward just for simply braving the elements? The 256 gear pieces seem to demonstrate just that.

Frontline Talented D3-FNC Gear Set

As it turns out, one can acquire master level or tier five level loot in Survival, according to Arekkz on YouTube. One, in particular, is the Frontline or D3-FNC gear set. It comes in handy for those who haven’t been using their ballistic shield items with only a pistol, but with this equipment, the Frontline four set bonus allows a player to utilize an SMG by forsaking critical hit chance altogether, but at least you’ll be able to pack a wallop behind your ballistics shield, right?

The two set bonus provides the D3-FNC with 15-percent protection from elites and the three set bonus 30-percent for ballistic shield health. Since this was dropped in the Survival update, this may be a great gear set when you’re resources for armor are minimal and may give you an edge in PvP against pistol wielders that dropped from the sky into Survival.

It’s great for a dedicated tank position because it does aggro NPCs, focusing in on the character with a higher defense.

The Division Survival’s Other 256 Weapons And Unique Perks

The Tactical UMP-45 has a unique talent/perk called Ambusher. It provides a 10-percent increase against targets in cover. So this would come in handy when a target is being suppressed, and the moment that happens, you can run up close and wail on the opposing force. The new Hunters faction tend to be pro-cover, so it would come in handy against them.

The M700 Carbon has a perk called Elevated where you gain a 10-percent increase in damage against enemies that are 1.2-meters below you. This is great for those snipers out there and encourages them to seek out higher ground to be a more efficient killing machine.


Named High-End Gold Weapons And Survival Exclusive Gear

There will also be upcoming named gear as well, according to a report posted on Reddit. These are exclusive to World Tier Five drops and the 1.5 expansion.

“Named Gear items have been implemented in the game. One piece is available for each Gear Slot and each one comes with a unique Talent. Named Gear items can only be dropped in World Tier 5 or in Survival game mode.”

There are also four high-end named gold weapons. Their gear score varies depending on the source in which it is acquired.

  • Golden Rhino
  • Urban MDR Assault Rifle
  • Tommy Gun
  • Thompson M1928

Tom Clancy’s The Division seems to be bringing back its fan base once again, and it seems the Survival PTS players are satisfied with the 1.5 update so far. What are your impressions and do the new builds inspire you to figure out what strategies you’d like to use against your enemies?

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]