Watch 2016 Election Day News Coverage Live Online: Where To Find Streaming Video Of Presidential Election Results From CNN, Fox News, The Daily Show, And Many Others

Those who want to watch 2016 Election Day news coverage live online will have a number of options to watch the results, with live streaming video available from every major news network along with some specialized coverage that includes right- and left-leaning news along with some comedy.

While the internet wasn’t exactly in its infancy in the last presidential election, the options for live streaming news video were much more limited in 2012. A few major news sites offered video, but most of the coverage was television-focused.

That has certainly changed now. Viewers looking to watch the 2016 presidential race results live online have dozens of options. Below are links and embedded videos from some of the most popular options for Election Day and Election Night coverage, including MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and even The Daily Show.

How to watch streaming video of election results

Those who want to watch straight news coverage on Election Day will have plenty to choose from. Live video from ABC News can be found below, with news throughout the day on voting trends and the final polling.

The cable news network will also be offering online video of their 2016 presidential election results, but watching them generally requires a cable subscription. CNN will also have coverage throughout the day, with live streaming Election Day news coverage that can be found here. CNN will also be live-blogging the election, with constant updates as results come in.

Those looking to watch Fox News can click here, and MSNBC’s coverage can be found below.

Right-leaning coverage

If you’re looking for a bit of a right-leaning spin on Election Day coverage, there are plenty of options for that.

Right Side Broadcasting, which made a name for itself among Trump supporters by offering live streaming coverage of all the GOP nominee’s rallies that drew hundreds of thousands of viewers, will have its own 2016 presidential election streaming video coverage with host Dennis Michael Lynch.

There will also be live coverage from Breitbart, the news site that became an arm of the Donald Trump campaign after CEO Steve Bannon signed on as his campaign chief. The site will also be offering live video through its Twitter page.

Progressive video

If you want a left-leaning spin on your streaming Election Day coverage, then you won’t exactly have as many options. There are fewer sites offering live news coverage — and just fewer in general — but still a few to choose from.

One is The Young Turks, which were popular for their unabashed and sometimes feverish support of Bernie Sanders during the Democratic Primaries. Their live broadcasts attracted tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of viewers. has a big listing of other progressive news sites offering live Election Day coverage, some with video and others offering radio coverage.


Comedy on Election Night

Those who want a lighter view of Election Night will have some options for live streaming comedy coverage of the presidential election. Even though his show is being pre-empted for CBS News coverage, Stephen Colbert will be taking his Late Show over to Showtime to cover Election Night. Live streaming video of his show can be found here (a subscription is required, but Showtime is offering viewers a free trial).

The Daily Show will have its own live news coverage on Election Night, though it’s not clear if Comedy Central plans to offer streaming video. The site currently has video from the previous day’s episodes, but they haven’t made it clear if Tuesday’s coverage will be offered live or on delay.

There will be some other options beyond straight news or comedy, including a watch party for Green Party voters.

Viewers who want to watch Election Day news coverage live online — including streaming video of the results — can find a few dozen more options through Sling TV. The sites offer streaming coverage of a number of cable news sites, including international ones like BBC World News, and is also available for a free trial.

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