2016 Presidential Election Live Results: Find Up-To-Date Vote Totals For The Race Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

Those looking for live results of the 2016 presidential election will have plenty of options for following the up-to-date voting totals from every state, including live projections of whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will win on Election Day.

After more than year of campaigning, the race for the presidency entered a frenzied final month that saw Republican Donald Trump’s poll numbers sink amid a growing number of scandals before climbing back in the last week. Leading into Election Day, Clinton held a roughly three-point lead among all national polls aggregated by RealClearPolitics.

But in order to win the presidential race, a candidate must earn at least 270 electoral votes, meaning those watching the 2016 presidential election live results will want to pay the most attention to the battleground states. The closest of those could be Florida, the state that famously decided the 2000 election after a halted recount and a margin of victory of just a few hundred votes for George W. Bush.

It’s not clear if the 2016 election will be quite so close, but Florida is again a key battleground. Others to watch will be North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Arizona.

Live video of the 2016 presidential election results can be found below.

RealClearPolitics scores it as a near-even race, with Clinton projected to win 272 electoral votes to Trump’s 268. That would leave Trump within one flipped state of winning the 2016 presidential election, though that itself would be a difficult task as Hillary Clinton has vastly outpaced him when it comes to on-the-ground staff in swing states. It will be that get-out-the-vote effort that could likely put Clinton over the top, political experts note.

Other pollsters see Hillary Clinton has having a much safer lead. As the Mirror noted, a projection from Reuters/IPSOS has the Democratic Party’s candidate winning in something close to a landslide.

“The Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project gave Hillary Clinton a 90 percent chance of defeating Trump in a poll released on Monday.

“The Democratic nominee was on track to win 303 Electoral College votes out of the 270 needed, to Trump’s 235.”

Those who follow live results of the 2016 presidential election could be in for a long night, even if Clinton does win. The first polls will close at 6 p.m. ET and the final voting — in the westernmost tip of Alaska — won’t be done until 1 a.m. (a full list of all the poll closing times can be found at the New York Times). With many of the key battleground states expected to have a very close margin between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it could take well into Wednesday before the final voting totals are calculated.

If Clinton can jump out to a clear enough lead in the states where pollsters expect her to win, there is a chance the race could be wrapped up by 11 p.m. ET, which is when polls close in California. That was the case in both 2008 and 2012 when President Barack Obama had built leads large enough the that safe Democratic state of California put him over the top.


There could be even more drama for those following the 2016 presidential election live results. For one, Donald Trump has continually in the past few weeks raised the idea that the election might be rigged against him. Though Trump has been light on details of what this might actually entail, it does dovetail with a recent Homeland Security report warning that hackers may be able to affect the electronic voting.


Those looking for live results of the 2016 presidential election will have plenty of places to turn. The New York Times will have full up-to-date voting totals here, while CNN has its live election results available here. To those who enjoy cartoon versions of each candidate filling in the state-by-state results, The Guardian has a pretty interesting graphic.

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