John Boyega Shares Exclusive ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Behind-The-Scenes Footage

John Boyega has just given an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour around the Pacific Rim 2 set, according to Comic Book. The 24-year-old Star Wars star recorded a behind-the-scenes video while preparing for production on the highly-anticipated Pacific Rim sequel.

Even though Pacific Rim fans have more than a year to wait until Pacific Rim 2 hits theaters, they should be happy to have John Boyega onboard, as the actor has just treated them to some juicy footage from the set.

John Boyega took to Instagram to share the video, in which the actor is seen giving a hilarious behind-the-scenes tour on the Pacific Rim 2 set and even revealing that he has a twin!

On the video, John Boyega is seen holding up a huge mold of his head and shoulders, which the actor himself calls his twin. To prove that he and the mold are soul mates, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor gives a sweet smooch on the mold’s temple.

While the mold indeed uncannily resembles John Boyega, the actor points out that he is “so cute.” Boyega then took to Instagram to share a picture that features Idris Elba’s character’s most famous quote from the original film.

In the sequel, John Boyega plays Elba’s character’s son, and it looks like he is proud of his onscreen dad for saving the world in the 2013 film, which grossed $411 million worldwide.

In the quote, Elba’s character declares that the world faces the monsters at our door and urges the world to cancel the apocalypse once and for all. And John Boyega agrees with his onscreen dad, but says he will “take it from here.”

John Boyega is set to begin production on the sci-fi blockbuster, but Pacific Rim fans can no longer wait for the film to hit theaters. It was announced that Boyega was cast in the sequel back in June.

Apart from acting, John Boyega also serves as one of the producers. In the sequel, the actor will be joined by Ron Perlman, Scott Eastwood, and Max Martini. Pacific Rim 2: Maelstrom is set to be released on February 23, 2018.

It sure looks like the Pacific Rim 2 crew couldn’t be happier about John Boyega’s casting. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, producer Mary Parent said the actor is “amongst today’s generation of young leading men.”

“It is undeniable that with all his talent and natural charm, John stands out amongst today’s generation of young leading men.”

With the addition of John Boyega to the sequel’s cast, there will be one member absent from the Pacific Rim family. Charlie Hunnam, the star of TV series Sons of Anarchy, confirmed that he wouldn’t come back for the film’s sequel due to his busy schedule.

But it doesn’t mean he is not excited about the sequel starring John Boyega. In his interview with Yahoo!, Hunnam even admitted that he had read an early draft of the sequel and he thinks it’s “going to be great.”

“I’m very excited about it! I’m glad they’re making it.”

With just two days before the Presidential election rocks the U.S., John Boyega’s fans know one thing for certain: the actor won’t be voting for Republican candidate Donald Trump, according to the Standard.

John Boyega recently posted a video of a young black girl being brutally harassed at one of Trump’s rallies. The actor posted a rather controversial caption that says “absolute p****” along with the video.

And John Boyega’s post surely didn’t go unnoticed as a number of Trump supporters slammed the actor. One woman even told the British actor to stay out of American politics. But the Star Wars actor apparently couldn’t care less about her tweet, and responded that he doesn’t give a “s**t juice.”

“Sorry mate, too much free speech pie and I don’t give a s**t juice.”

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