67 Yard Field Goal: High School Kicker Austin Rekhow Beats NFL Record

A 67 yard field goal was made in a football game this Thursday night. In September, San Francisco 49ers field goal kicker David Akers tied an NFL record with a 63-yard field goal. This NFL record for longest made field goal is also shared by Tom Dempsey, Jason Elam, and Sebastian Janikowski. But this record-setting 67 yard field goal was not created by a NFL superstar…it was power-kicked by a Washington high schooler!

This was not a gimmicky throwaway field goal kick, like when the Raiders attempted a 76 yard field goal at the end of the first half. This kick was a game-changer for the Bears against their rival Shadle Park. The 67 yard field goal tied the game and set it into overtime, where the Bears won 62-55.

“I knew we needed it for the tie,” Rehkow told ESPN.com. “I felt confident in my leg strength. I went out there, you get that extra adrenaline going and then I let it rip. Luckily it stayed through the uprights. Once I saw the arms go up, it was just an overwhelming feeling of joy.”

While this 67 yard field goal blasted the NFL field goal record it still did not beat the high school record for longest field goals. Austin Rehkow’s kick was one yard shorter than Dirk Borgognone, who booted 68 yards way back in 1985, as reported by the Seattle Times.

According to CBSSports.com “[a] performance like that figures to put Rehkow on the radar of college coaches. According to reports, he only holds a partial scholarship offer to Eastern Washington and has only received cursory looks from other programs. Given the issues with kickers at the college level in 2012, it’s a good bet that more than a few assistants will stop by and take a longer look at the big-legged kicker.”

Take a look at this NFL record breaking 67 yard field goal on YouTube.