Kylie Jenner Meets Travis Scott's Family: 'KUWTK' Star Adored By Relatives In New Romance

Kylie Jenner made quite the impression when she flew out to Houston to meet Travis Scott's family last week, it's been revealed.

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner seemed excited about the move to have her introduced to Travis' family, particularly since the romance is still rather fresh and meeting her boyfriend's family seems to have been a huge step forward in their relationship.

Nonetheless, it seems that in doing so, Kylie Jenner clearly thinks that Scott thinks highly of her — at least enough to know that by introducing her to his family members at such an early age in their romance, the rapper is convinced that the duo will last as a couple.

Bringing Kylie Jenner to Houston was quite the adventure for the twosome, who also ended up watching an NBA playoff game on May 11.

The big day, however, came when Kylie Jenner finally came face-to-face with siblings and relatives of Travis Scott, and from what sources have gathered, the reality star couldn't have made a better impression on her boyfriend's family.

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Kylie Jenner wasn't just talkative and engaged in conversations, she seemed genuinely happy to be around Travis' family, who were all under the impression that the couple had dated for more than a month given how they behaved around one another.

Sources allege that nobody could believe Kylie Jenner has only been with Travis for a month because the chemistry between the two gave off a completely different thought.

It goes without saying that Travis' family adore Kylie Jenner, saying that she's very respectful and that her romance with Scott definitely seems to make a good fit.

"Travis' family loved Kylie, they think she's a total sweetheart. They love that she is so successful in her own right, it makes them confident that she's with Travis for all the right reasons, and that she's not using him for fame or fortune," a source tells Hollywood Life.

"They really appreciated that she's obviously so crazy about Travis and how incredibly in love with him she is. They think she's a great match for him, and they really like how she keeps him in check and holds her own. Kylie is sassy, and funny, sweet and charming, and his family really took to her."
News of Kylie Jenner making a great impression on Travis Scott's family, including his parents, comes just one week after the TV star allegedly asked her boyfriend to move into her rented Beverly Hills mansion with her, Daily Mail claims.

Kylie Jenner reportedly thinks that having Travis live with her in Beverly Hills is a great idea because this will give her enough time to figure out whether or not the two can deal with one another being under one roof.

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Taking such drastic steps so soon into the relationship is a big move but Kylie Jenner allegedly misses having a male figure in her home, especially after Tyga left her Hidden Hills home following their breakup back in April.

Sources affirm that Kylie Jenner's renovations for her mansion in Hidden Hills are almost complete. By then, she will either make the decision to have Travis Scott relocate with her from Beverly Hills to her main home, or she would have realized that she's been rushing into the relationship too much and would rather want to call it quits.

Judging by the supposed fact that Kylie Jenner has met Travis' parents, has traveled the country with him, supported him at Coachella, and has told her siblings she sees herself having a future with the rapper, it doesn't seem as if Kylie would want to end the romance anytime soon.

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