Fort Hood Victims Want The Shooting Rampage Classified As A Terror Attack

Fort Hood victims want the shooting rampage deemed an act of terror so the injured soldiers and relatives of victims can garner the same benefits as those who are wounded in combat zones. Approximately 160 individuals who were personally impacted by the Texas army post shooting spree, released a video to express their frustration with the work place violence label issued by government officials.

The Fort Hood Coalition of Heroes video participants, which included 13 relatives of those killed during the shooting, believe the soldiers killed or injured, deserve fair benefits and Purple Hear eligibility, according to the Boston Globe.

Kimberly Munley, one of the first officers to arrive on the scene of the shooting rampage, is frustrated and feels the victims of the November 5, 2009, incident are being forgotten.

Since the Fort Hood shooting has been labeled a work place violence incident, the soldiers cannot apply for certain benefits which are only offered to those injured in a combat scenario. Texas Republican Representative, John Carter, sponsored a bill which would allow the victims and their survivors to become eligible for the combat related provisions, even though the defense secretary did not declare the shooting rampage an act of terrorism.

Staff Sergeant Shawn Manning was shot six times during the Fort Hood attack. His injuries prevent him from continuing to serve in the Army, but he was denied the same benefits as soldiers wounded in battle because his injuries were not considered combat related.

Major Nidal Hasan, faces the death penalty if convicted on the 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder levied against him, ABC News reports. The trial has been placed on hold until the judge rules if Hasan can be forced to shave his beard, which violates Army regulations.


Fort Hood’s Nidal Hasan in hospital