Trump vs Clinton Odds Update: Presidential Polls, Odds Tighten As Election Day 2016 Nears

Trump vs. Clinton, Clinton vs. Trump. No matter how you phrase it, this year’s Presidential race has felt more like a promotion for an upcoming UFC title fight than a run for the White House. Nevertheless, no matter how much mudslinging and craziness has occurred, like it or not, one of these two candidates is going to be the new leader of the free world for at least the next four years.

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump appears to be narrowing according to most recent polls and major election forecasts. In fact, after holding a double-digit lead just 10 days ago, several polls now have Trump within one or two points, or even leading by a point.

Hillary Clinton 2016
Hillary Clinton has many Hollywood supporters, including Katy Perry. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

According to a report, the once runaway lead for Hillary Clinton is over, and the polls are tightening, including in critical battleground states. Trump is neck and neck with Clinton in the key states of Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. If he wins even three of those four states this Tuesday, he will most likely be the next President of the United States.

However, here is where the story gets even more interesting.

The theme of this particular campaign has been that the voting is “rigged.” Could it be, or is all of that a bunch of hogwash?

Well, interestingly enough, you can wager on who will win the 2016 Election legally all across the globe, except here in the United States of course, and according to a CNN report, one sports book is already paying people who wagered on Hillary Clinton to win the election their money — as if the election was already over.

How is that possible?

That would be like wagering on the Detroit Tigers to win the 2016 World Series in April, before fans even know who is in the playoffs, and sports books just saying “okay, we don’t know who is winning the World Series, but if you bet the Tigers, we will pay you now.”

That makes zero sense.

Casinos are run like a business because, in fact, that’s exactly what they are, and no businesses just start giving away money before a finished product is in place.

One of the biggest sports books in the British Isles, PaddyPower, is so certain Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump that they have already paid out winning money to everyone who bet on Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election, and there were a lot of wagers put up.

Now, who in their right mind would do such a thing?

What happens if Hillary Clinton loses to Trump? Does PaddyPower really believe that the gamblers are going to give back the money?

PaddyPower reportedly has already dished out over $1.1 million to those who bet on Clinton, and they may be regretting the decision very soon. According to, in the previous 48 hours, over 90 percent of the action coming in is on Donald Trump. One customer this week put £10,000 in a single bet on Mr. Trump to win.

This truly is one of the most bizarre moves made by a casino ever. I guess all of these oddities are par for the course in this election, although dishing out money on something that hasn’t happened yet is a bit more than an oddity, don’t you think?

If Trump does win the election on November 8, he will do something no one expected could ever be done — win the Presidency as a non-politician. In gaming or wagering terms, Trump could go down as one of, if not the biggest, underdog to walk away a winner in history.

Donald Trump rally 2016
Kissing babies is something candidates have done for decades. Will it bring Trump luck?[Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Last August some sports books had Trump listed as high as +20000 or +25000, meaning for every $100 you wagered on Trump you would win $25,000.

Now that is a serious return on your money.

As of November 6, Oddshark reports that the latest Trump vs. Clinton odds has Hillary still set as a firm favorite at -300, with the return on Donald Trump at +210. What seems like the longest election period in modern history will come to an end on November 8, and most people are thankful for that.

No matter who your candidate is, just remember to get out there and vote!

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]