The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: The Bizarre Alien Connection Probable According To Science

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most intriguing places on Earth. This is mainly because of the bizarre paranormal occurrences that have been happening there for centuries, leading to an alien connection hypothesis. Located on the south-eastern edge of Florida, it has a history rife with the disappearances of ships and humans, without a trace. Moreover, navigation instruments have been reported to go haywire in the area, which is about 500,000 square miles.

That said, one of the earliest recorded paranormal incidences in the Bermuda Triangle was by Christopher Columbus, who was the first European to go across it. In September 13, 1492, he and his crew are said to have experienced some strange phenomenon. This is what happened according to his logs.

“On this day at the beginning of night the compasses northwested and in the morning they northeasted somewhat.

“Monday September 17

“The pilots took the north [North Star]; marking it, they found that the compasses northwested a full point [111/ 4 degrees]; and the sailors were fearful and melancholy and did not say why.”

This is according to Gian J. Quasar’s book Into The Bermuda Triangle. A UFO was also spotted by Columbus and his crew while in the region. It was apparently in the form of a light that hovered about them. The strange light appeared twice, leading the men to become even more inspired to explore the Bahamas. Today, specialists determine that Columbus and his men may not have mistakenly seen lights on land as they were too far out to sea. This has led many conspiracy theorists to believe that the explorer and his crew may have encountered an alien UFO.

Delving a bit into the aliens theory, there has been a lot of bizarre occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle supporting this. One of those is Bruce Gernon’s account of his journey across the Bermuda Triangle. It seemed to indicate that the area had some sort of time portal that if encountered, could lead a ship or plane into another time dimension. The following was his bizarre revelation.

“We were in the tunnel [of magnetic fog] for only 20 seconds before we emerged from the other end. For about five seconds I had the strange feeling of weightlessness and an increased forward momentum… I gasped to see the tunnel walls collapse and form a slit that slowly rotated clockwise.

“All of our electronic and magnetic navigational instruments were malfunctioning. The compass was slowly spinning even as the airplane flew straight.”

This is according to Labyrinthina. Apparently, the flight from Andros to Palm Beach took only 47 minutes, whereas the plane would never have reached the destination in 75 minutes even on a direct route. Similar occurrences have happened in the area, leading many to believe that there may be a time portal created using alien technology to enable them to visit earth as well as carry out abductions. The disappearance of the Flight 19 squadron of six navy bombers all at once in the Bermuda Triangle in 1946 supported this hypothesis as the planes did not send any emergency messages nor report anything unusual. They just simply disappeared.

Apparently the alien time portal hypothesis is plausible using Albert Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity, which states that space can be bent using gravitational pull. It has been speculated that alien spacecrafts can use places such as the Bermuda Triangle to harness vast amounts of energy enough to accomplish this and warp distance.

According to paranormal researcher David Childress, “The energy fields across the world are stronger in some areas as compared to the others, and in these areas they form sort of a Vortex, thereby making the energy more useful in its sense… It’s quite possible that Bermuda Triangle is one such inter-dimensional doorway that’s used by these Aliens”.

The fact that America has a top secret underwater military base right below the Bermuda Triangle also seems to confirm that something of significant importance is located there. This is considering that the U.S military has always been accused of cover-ups, especially involving the existence of aliens. The American government has also denied having anything to do with paranormal activity observed in the Bermuda Triangle.

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