‘Teen Mom 2’ Canceled? Kailyn Lowry Claims The Show Is All But Over In New Memoir

Like all shows, Teen Mom 2 will eventually come to an end, but is the series finale closer than we think? In Kailyn Lowry’s new book, Hustle and Heart, the reality star hints that Teen Mom 2 is reaching its final season.

Does this mean Teen Mom 2 will wrap up in Season 8?

According to The Stir, Lowry was a little ambiguous when discussing the end of the show in her book.

“Now, especially with the show coming to an end, it’s time for my accomplishments to stand out,” Lowry wrote.

“I want to show everyone that even though I grew up like white trash and got knocked up at seventeen, I can get a Bachelor’s degree and raise children who blow people away with their manners, wit, and intelligence.”

Lowry is definitely alluding that the end of Teen Mom 2 is near, but there’s no telling if she means Season 8 or another season down the road. Unfortunately, MTV has not announced any of its plans regarding Teen Mom 2 so it’s hard to say if the next season will be its last.


The Hollywood Gossip reports that production for Season 8 is currently underway.

The new season will include the likes of Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Messer. The ratings for Teen Mom 2 are much higher than a lot of MTV’s other flagship shows, making it hard to imagine the network canceling such a successful show.

Strangely, Lowry is the only cast member to even hint that the series is ending, and there are still a lot of storylines that haven’t been resolved. Houska just wed Cole DeBoer and is expecting a new baby, while Lowry is coming off a divorce from Javi Marroquin. Messer is still trying to get her act together, and Jenelle Evans is the same old deranged mother we’ve seen over the years and is expecting her third child.


That being said, both Messer and Evans have criticized MTV for making them look like bad parents on the show. Did they finally have enough of the editing and decide to part ways? There’s also a possibility that Lowry is considering leaving the show and was referring to her departure instead of the series finale.

Whatever is going on behind the scenes, Parent Herald reports that fans are going crazy about the show’s rumored end.

While the verdict is still out about Lowry’s comments, she went on to discuss how the show has impacted her life these past eight years.

“When we set long-term goals, we have no way of knowing how those goals will fit into our lives years down the line,” Lowry explained.

“When I had a child at age seventeen, I made it my mission to defy everyone’s expectations and rise above the statistics and stigmas that are stacked against me. Since 2010 I’ve been on TV, and my struggles have been my identity.”

Lowry had a rough year in Season 7 of Teen Mom 2. After years of marital problems, Lowry finally parted ways with Marroquin and announced the divorce by the season’s end.

According to Wet Paint, Lowry and Marroquin are still going through with the divorce, though he recently dedicated a tattoo to Lowry. Indeed, Marroquin shared a photo of his portrait tattoo on Instagram and the ink looks like an old picture of Lowry.

Of course, Marroquin couldn’t disagree more.

“Lmao you can’t be serious,” he told fans.

“Any picture of a girl y’ll will find a picture to resemble.”


Despite the tattoo, the estranged couple is definitely parting ways with little hope of reconciling. In fact, Marroquin is planning on writing his own book about the divorce, titled Heartlessly Hustling, to refute the claims that he cheated on Lowry during deployment.

Meanwhile, according to OK Magazine, Lowry sparked more rumors about a boob job when she shared a skin tight photo on social media.

Did Lowry undergo plastic surgery yet again?

“She had an augmentation almost two years ago,” an inside source revealed.

In 2016, Lowry reportedly got a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a Brazilian butt lift. She also underwent lip injections back in April. The body transformation happened during Lowry’s emotional split from Marroquin.

“I knew her surgery would change her,” Marroquin later admitted.

Lowry has not commented on the boob job rumors or clarified her comments about the end of Teen Mom 2.


Fans will have to wait until more information is announced to determine if Teen Mom 2 has really reached its final season. MTV has not announced when the new season of Teen Mom 2 will premiere, though fans can expect the show to return sometime in 2017.

In the meantime, fans can read all about Lowry’s split and the possible end of Teen Mom 2 when her new book hits stores on November 22.

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