Hillary Clinton Still Not Off The Hook In Email Scandal With Just Days Left Till Election

With only days to go before the Nov. 8 election, the email controversy involving Hillary Clinton has reared its ugly head once again.

Fox anchor Bret Baier said in an interview that the investigation into Clinton’s use of private servers for business correspondence while serving as the U.S. Secretary of State has never stopped. This comes even after FBI director James Comey had already dropped criminal charges against the Democratic presidential nominee, claiming there was no intention to leak government secrets.

But Baier said there’s now an ongoing debate within the FBI on whether or not to drop the charges against the former First Lady, or go ahead with the suit. He mentioned that new information on the email scandal is coming to the investigators every day. Evidence also reached the White Collar Crimes division of the FBI involving the foundation headed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Bret Baier of Fox News: sources at FBI say “Barring obstruction, new evidence will likely lead to an indictment for Hillary Clinton.” pic.twitter.com/G4ePCd8ZGu

— REGATED (@regated) November 3, 2016

“If after the election if Hillary Clinton wins will this investigation continue? Yes, Absolutely,” Baier said.

“I pressed these sources again and again what would happen. I got to the end of that, and said they have a lot of evidence that would likely lead to an indictment.”

If she beats Trump, Baier said that a prosecutor will be appointed to build a case against her. If that doesn’t happen, “there would be a public call for an independent prosecutor to move forward.”

“They are combing through this (evidence) using a lot of technology,” he added.

“They have found new hits in the emails that they believed are new emails that were on Hillary Clinton’s server. On the hacking of the server, that is interesting because there is a high, high confidence that foreign intelligence agencies, several of them, up to five actually, have managed to hack into that private server.”

The FBI has apparently found new evidence in relation to Clinton’s use of a private server while working in the Department of State. The bureau has in its possession a laptop owned by Anthony Weiner, the husband of Huma Abedin, who is one of the former First Lady’s closest confidantes.

But the bureau then took its sweet time before revealing to the House oversight committee that it had new evidence against Clinton.

The NY Times said that the FBI is finding itself between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Not telling the public about what piece of new evidence they found against Clinton will make it seem like it’s trying to damage her presidential bid.

However, Comer must also update the Congress about what’s happening in the investigation into Clinton in order to be transparent.

Meanwhile, CBS reported that the pieces of evidence the FBI found in the course of its investigation are entirely new. The emails were discovered from Weiner’s laptop, but at this point, it’s not clear just how much of the new information will help in the case buildup.

As for the Clinton Foundation, there’s an internal struggle going on between the FBI and Department of Justice on whether to pursue an investigation considering that it’s an election season. At this point, there’s no report as to how extensive the probe is, or if it is just an inquiry.

The Clinton Foundation was founded by Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1997, seeking to help governments and other non-profits adopt a businesslike approach in crafting meaningful programs that have a direct impact on the marginalized sector.

A WikiLeaks report accused the foundation of political accommodation to its generous donors in what has been dubbed a pay-for-play scheme. The investigation is looking into Clinton reportedly giving favors to benefactors in exchange for their donations in the charity organization.

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