‘RHONJ’ Star Jacqueline Laurita Says Teresa Giudice Is Jealous Of Her Life

Did Jacqueline Laurita really have something to do with the federal government’s investigation and prosecution of Joe and Teresa Giudice for fraud? Did Jacqueline tip the government off to the couple’s finances and dealings? According to Jacqueline, absolutely not.

In response to someone who tweeted the link to a People magazine article that talks about the allegation that viewers will see Teresa throw at the upcoming reunion show — that Jacqueline was somehow involved in the government’s investigation against her for fraud and ensuing prison sentence — Jacqueline wrote that Teresa’s allegations are ridiculous. Jacqueline believes Teresa said what she did simply because she’s jealous of her life and wants to take her down. Jacqueline made it clear that she thinks that Teresa is solely responsible for what happened to her by stating that Teresa can lie in the bed that she made.

A preview of the upcoming the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 reunion show suggests that viewers will see Teresa and Jacqueline continue to argue with and hurl insults at one another. At one point, when Teresa is talking about how she would never tolerate her husband cheating on her and would leave him if he did, Teresa, blaming Jacqueline for the suggestion that she tolerates cheating in her marriage, claims that Jacqueline’s husband, Chris Laurita, cheated on her but she took him back.

“My husband never cheated on me!” Jacqueline yells back.

Jacqueline says that it was her ex-husband who cheated on her. Teresa continues her claim, adding that Dolores Catania knows all about it but won’t say anything. Teresa then says that Dolores used to “hate” and “despise” Jacqueline. Dolores denies that she ever hated or despised Jacqueline and never told Teresa that. Teresa eventually admits that she never heard those words come out of Dolores’ mouth but that she heard it from someone close to her. Jacqueline counters that Teresa’s a habitual liar, referencing her prison sentence after pleading guilty to 41 counts of fraud.

“You went to jail for lying okay? 41 counts of phony, fraud.”

That’s when Teresa makes her sensational claim.

“I plead guilty and you set me up.”

Everyone’s jaws open in shock upon hearing that accusation. Even host Andy Cohen is momentarily stunned into silence.

Another reunion preview video shows Teresa Laurita claiming that it wasn’t only Jacqueline Laurita who set her up but also Caroline Manzo. Caroline, Jacqueline’s sister-in-law, starred on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for Seasons 1 through 5 and used to be friends with Teresa.

“No it was you. You and Caroline. Set me up. On the government.”

Teresa also calls Jacqueline a stripper at one point.
“What’s wrong with strippers?” Joe Gorga, sitting between his sister Teresa and wife Melissa Gorga, who has been accused on the show of having worked as a stripper, quips.Teresa even goes so far as saying that Jacqueline has a “clown-looking face.”

Teresa even goes so far as saying that Jacqueline has a “clown-looking face.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Caroline, who left Real Housewives to star in her own spin-off, Manzo’d with Children, said in a recent interview that she would never be friends with Teresa again. Teresa, in turn, said during her Watch What Happens Live appearance in early October that Caroline just can’t stop talking about her.

More recently, on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live show, Teresa maintained that she’ll never make up with Caroline. When host Andy Cohen asked Melissa Gorga, who was also that night’s guest, about her relationship with Caroline, Melissa said that they’re not close and don’t really have any contact with one another but that they’re fine. Melissa added that she loves Caroline’s family. Teresa, however, couldn’t help but throw a dig at Caroline by accusing her of having used Melissa.

“They only spoke when it was good for her. Good for Caroline.”

After the Season 7 finale episode aired on Sunday night, Jacqueline posted a series of tweets that criticized Teresa for blaming others for what happened to her instead of taking personality responsibility.

In response to one viewer who tweeted that it’s nuts for anyone to believe Teresa’s claim that Jacqueline contacted the government and is to blame for her case and prison sentence, Jacqueline said that she knows of no one who actually believes that. Jacqueline pointed out that they were still friends when the federal government’s investigation started. Jacqueline added that Teresa threw out the allegation against her because she just wants people to not like her.

In another tweet, Jacqueline pointed out that she and Caroline Manzo are not the only ones Teresa has tried to blame for her criminal case and prison sentence. Jacqueline wrote that Teresa also blamed her brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa Gorga, her husband’s ex-partner, her attorney, and others for what happened. Jacqueline remarked that Teresa blames everyone else but herself.

According to Jacqueline, Teresa’s blame game is ridiculous and she’ll never take any accountability.

Jacqueline agreed with one viewer who tweeted that Teresa will never own anything that she’s done but will continue to blame the consequences on someone else. Jacqueline said that’s one of the reasons why she can’t be friends with her.

Jacqueline Laurita also made fun of how Teresa Giudice insists on saying that she went to “camp” instead of prison for almost a year.

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