Teresa Giudice Knows Why Caroline Manzo And Dina Manzo Aren’t Talking, Says Caroline Just Can’t Stop Talking About Her

During Teresa Giudice’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night after the airing of the latest The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, Teresa revealed that she knows some of the reasons why her former co-stars Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo are estranged again. Teresa also gave her reaction to the statement that Caroline made during the premiere episode of her spin-off show, Manzo’d with Children, that seemed to poke fun of her “celebrity” status.

During the after-show portion of the show, Andy read a viewer’s question that asked Teresa if she knows anything about the current rift between Dina and Caroline. Teresa admitted that she did. Unfortunately for those who want to know the dirt, Teresa said that it’s not her place to reveal the story.

“Um yeah I do know some. Yeah. But you know it’s not for me to say.”

Asked about her current friendship with Dina Manzo, who now lives in California, Teresa Giudice said that they’re still close. Teresa added that she just saw Dina when Dina, who is godmother to Teresa’s youngest daughter Audriana, visited for Audriana’s birthday.

“Oh great. I talk to her all the time. She was just here for Audriana’s birthday.”

While Teresa has a good friendship with Dina, the same can’t be said for Dina’s sister, Caroline Manzo. Andy brought up what Caroline seemingly said about Teresa on the premiere episode of Manzo’d with Children, which he described as a “shady moment,” and asked Teresa for her thoughts about it. Teresa said that while she didn’t watch the episode, she heard about what was said. According to Teresa, Caroline made that statement because she can’t stop talking about her.

“No but I heard. I didn’t see it. I mean I guess she can never ever stop talking about me.”

What did Caroline say about Teresa? During the premiere episode of her spin-off, Caroline and her family visited and spent the night in an abandoned prison facility. As the tour guide led the family around the prison, including to Al Capone’s cell, he said that the warden at the time claimed that Capone received no special treatment. The tour guide pointed out that bribes aren’t written down, and it’s kind of like how celebrities in jail now claim that they don’t receive any special treatment. “That’s what they say,” Caroline responded.

Caroline was then shown saying in her confessional interview, that she actually doesn’t know any “real celebrities” who have gone to prison. While Caroline didn’t say Teresa by name, many viewers on social media commented that Caroline’s statement was a dig at Teresa, who spent almost all of 2015 year in federal prison for fraud.

“I don’t know any celebrities that have been in jail – real celebrities that have been in jail.”

When The Real Housewives of New Jersey began, Dina and Caroline were shown as having a close sibling relationship and both friends of Teresa’s. After Dina left the show after Season 2, she and Caroline became estranged for years. The reason for the rift was never publicly revealed by either woman. Caroline left Real Housewives after Season 5 to star in her own spin-off. Dina then returned to the show as a starring member on its sixth season. Shockingly, after filming for Season 6 ended, Dina and Caroline reconciled. Dina also reconciled with sister-in-law and Real Housewives star Jacqueline Laurita, with whom she also had a rift with for years. As Us Weekly reported, Dina even attended Caroline’s big Christmas dinner.

The reconciliation between Caroline and Dina lasted less than a year. During Caroline’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago, Caroline revealed that she and Dina were on the outs again, after being good with one another for 10 months. When a shocked Andy Cohen asked Caroline what happened, Caroline wouldn’t say but compared Dina to “a rock.” As the Inquisitr reported, Dina immediately lashed out Caroline. In a series of tweets, Dina accused Caroline of being the one at fault and of talking about her just to get attention for her spin-off.

Just a few days ago, BravoTV.com posted a video interview that it did with Caroline, during which she expressed exasperation at being asked about her relationship with Dina Manzo. As the Inquisitr reported, Caroline compared the subject of her and her sister’s relationship with one another as “old as the table flip,” about the moment during Season 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when Teresa, enraged at Danielle Staub, flipped a table.

During that interview, Caroline Manzo also said that she doesn’t think that she’ll ever be friends with Teresa ever again. Judging from what Teresa said on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, it seems that Teresa is just fine with that.

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