Triple Homicide: Kansas Couple Allegedly Kill Three People In Drug Dispute, Fugitives Believed Heading To Mexico

A triple homicide in Kansas has authorities searching for three suspects who are believed to be headed to Mexico, KWCH (Wichita) is reporting.

Jereme Nelson and Myrta Rangel were last seen in Oklahoma attempting to sell a vehicle at a car dealership. The fact that they’re heading south, and the fact that Rangel has connections in Mexico, have authorities convinced the wanted homicide suspects are heading south of the border.

As KSN-TV (Wichita) reported on Monday, three people were found dead of gunshot wounds Sunday at a home in rural Harvey County, Kansas. Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said the victims were two men, ages 33 and 52, and a 37-year-old woman. The younger victims were a couple, and the older victim was a friend of theirs. The couple’s 18-month-old son was found in his crib crying, but otherwise unharmed, when police arrived on the scene.

Authorities later identified the victims of the triple homicide as Travis Street, Angela Greaves, and Richard Prouty.

Authorities have deemed the homicide drug-related, but have not given specifics.

“[This] isn’t a random person running around. We view this as a targeted shooting… we’re working this as a triple homicide.”

Early on, the investigation was stifled due to lack of evidence and lack of witnesses. Because of the remote location of the murders, neighbors denied seeing or hearing anything. Further, two of the victims, Street and Greaves, had lengthy rap sheets, including drug and gun charges. Their known associates were reluctant to talk to police, according to a Tuesday KWCH report.

Kathy Fogarty, who identified herself as a friend of Prouty, described the homicide victim as a generous and kind person.

“He would do anything for you. If I was out here doing yard work, he’d say, ‘let me do that for you, OK.'”

Neighbor Roy Kaufman, who actually grew up in the house where the triple homicide took place, said he had long suspected something suspicious was going on there.

“We don’t know who lived there, but we hear rumors that it was questionable. It was surprising, but it wasn’t that surprising. But it’s a tragedy and it shouldn’t have happened.”

On Wednesday, authorities announced that an arrest warrant had been issued for Jereme Nelson, whom police warned was to be considered armed and dangerous. He was believed to be driving either a cream-colored Lincoln MKZ with Kansas plate 670-HHJ or a cream-colored Escalade with Texas plate SKZ-229.

Then, on Thursday, authorities announced that an arrest warrant had been issued for Myrta Rangel, who is believed to be traveling with him. Authorities also updated their description of a possible vehicle the suspects could be driving to include a black and gold 4×4 pickup truck.

Jereme Nelson also has a lengthy criminal history, including drug and gun charges. He had “disappeared” from the area around where the murders took place about a year ago, but he then turned up again about a week before the murders. Last month, he failed to turn up for a probation appointment and was deemed a fugitive.

Nelson’s father said that his son has been in and out of jail over the years and that drugs have turned him into a man he no longer recognizes. He said he hadn’t heard anything from his son for at least a month until cops showed up Tuesday night asking questions.

Meanwhile, a Blackwell, Oklahoma, car dealer reported that a couple matching the description of the suspects showed up trying to sell a vehicle. The dealer says he turned down the sale because the couple appeared to be suspicious and in a hurry.

As of this writing, the whereabouts of the suspects in the Kansas triple homicide are unknown, and authorities are asking anyone with information to call them.

[Featured Image by Harvey County Sheriff’s Office]