‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Nicole Is Finally Getting A Baby

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the end of the week reveal that some big drama is headed to Salem. It looks like a huge baby bombshell is in the works for Nicole Walker, Deimos Kiriakis, and Chloe Lane. The trio are currently wrapped up in a baby mystery that has everyone asking whose baby is Chloe carrying? While Deimos and Nicole think they know what’s going on, Chloe may drop a huge secret that will change all their lives forever.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chloe originally thought was carrying Deimos Kiriakis’ baby after the two got together during their time in Chicago. Chloe opened up to Philip about being pregnant and Deimos being the father. The two decided to make up a lie about the baby being Philip’s child to keep dangerous Deimos away from the baby. However, Deimos was relentless and believed the child was his. That is, until a paternity test threw everyone through a loop. Chloe found out that Deimos was not the father of her child, although she had told Philip and Nicole that he was. Chloe seemed shocked to hear the news and decided to leave Salem shortly after. Deimos was heartbroken, but began to move on with his life.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Chloe is pregnant with Nicole and Daniel's baby.
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However, Days of Our Lives fans watched as Nicole began to feel very sorry for Deimos. She then decided to betray her best friend Chloe’s trust and tell Deimos that he was actually the father of the child, as she still believed Chloe was lying. Deimos was overjoyed about the news that he was going to become a father. However, when he found out that Nicole had been keeping the baby’s paternity a secret from him for weeks, he quickly turned on her. The pair got into a huge fight and Deimos vowed to find Chloe at any cost. Nicole quickly realized that she had made a mistake and called Chloe to warn her. Chloe then disappeared, making it hard for Deimos to find her.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans learned this week that Chloe does know who the father of her child is, and it’s shocking. Chloe is carrying Daniel and Nicole’s baby. It seems that Daniel and Nicole had embryos frozen before the time of his death, and even after Daniel died Chloe was trying to become a surrogate to give Nicole the baby she’s always wanted. However, the doctor told Chloe that she was not pregnant with the couple’s baby, which is why she believed the child she was carrying was Deimos’ until the test results were revealed.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will Nicole ditch Deimos for her baby?
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Now, Days of Our Lives viewers will watch as Chloe has a huge decision to make. Will she tell Nicole that she’s carrying her child with Daniel, or keep the baby as her own in order to keep it safe from Deimos’ wrath? Fans are hoping that Chloe will come clean with Nicole and that viewers will be seeing Nicole as a mother in the very near future. However, Nicole’s relationship with Deimos does appear to complicate things. If Nicole finds out she’s about to be a mother will she ditch Deimos for good and focus on her child?

It should be very interesting to see what Chloe is going to do with this baby bombshell, and how Nicole will react when she eventually learns that she has a child with her late fiance, Daniel Jonas. Daniel’s mother, Maggie, will also seemingly be thrilled by the idea of another grandchild to join Parker and Melanie. What do you think of the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Are you excited that Nicole is finally about to become a mother?

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