WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns To Move Into Universal Championship Feud In December

The WWE made a smart choice when they moved Roman Reigns down the card and put him into the United States Championship title picture. This allowed fans to start to get behind the former Shield big man after turning on him when the WWE pushed him too fast to the main event scene. However, the Wrestling Observer reported that the WWE might be getting the itchy finger to shoot Roman Reigns back to the top again.

According to the reports, after the Survivor Series, the WWE plans to have a title vs. title feud between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens with the U.S. and Universal Championship belts on the line between the two men. This feud would stretch through the end of 2016.

The idea was planted on Raw Talk, where Roman Reigns said that he was better suited to fight Kevin Owens than Seth Rollins was. For those that didn’t see it, Raw Talk is a copy of the popular Talking Smack show and it aired following the Royal Rumble special event last Sunday night.

Interestingly, after making those comments, Roman Reigns got in the face of Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho the next night on WWE Monday Night Raw. That led to Jericho getting a United States title shot against Roman Reigns, which he lost by DQ when Owens attacked Roman. The two beat down Reigns until Seth Rollins made the save.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Seth Rollins save and the stare down between Rollins and Roman Reigns as the fans all chanted “Yes” made a possible Shield reunion look possible. However, with the comments by Roman Reigns the night before on Raw Talk, it sounds more like he wants to prove he is better than his former Shield partner.

That is one of the problems with Roman Reigns and his fan reaction. While the WWE wants him to be one of their biggest faces in the company, he often acts like a heel more often than he does a babyface. Even against the villain Rusev, it was Roman Reigns who pulled off the heel moves through the feud.


Part of the problem might be Roman Reigns relationship with his cousin The Rock. While The Rock was able to be an arrogant jerk and keep the fans cheering for him, Rock has the charisma to pull that off. When Roman Reigns tries to do it, he just looks like a bully. Fans don’t seem to want to see that side of the former Shield big man.


Even when Roman Reigns was introduced as just being part of the Monday Night Raw team for Survivor Series, a lot of the fans booed him. It wasn’t until Seth Rollins made the save and the two men shared the ring together that the fans started getting excited for Roman Reigns again.

Now, if the WWE rumors are true and the WWE is already planning to move Roman Reigns back into the Universal Championship title picture, fans might completely reject the big man. The WWE made the right move to push Roman down and try to rebuild him but Reigns has not had enough time to win over enough of the fans.

The next Monday Night Raw special event is Roadblock on Dec. 18. If the WWE plans to have Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens battle in a title vs. title match, it will likely take place there. With the Royal Rumble coming up after that, the road to WrestleMania will be underway and if the WWE wants Roman Reigns in the driver’s seat heading into the big event, they will have to carefully plan out that road now to prevent the fans from completely tuning out.

[Featured Image via WWE]