Oral Sex Coffee Shop In Switzerland May Use Robots Rather Than Prostitutes

“Cafe Fellatio” in Geneva, Switzerland, reportedly may offer its customers oral sex by robot rather than from real-life prostitutes, if or when the coffee shop actually opens its doors.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the original plan was that men would walk into the cafe and order a coffee. While they are waiting, the customers would be offered an iPad to select the prostitute they prefer to have perform oral sex on them. The men would then sit and relax at the bar, sip their coffee, and enjoy the ride. The service would cost around $60 in U.S. dollars; $5 extra for a latte.

Evidently this idea is based on long-time establishments in Thailand.

Authorities and the business community in Geneva are reportedly resistant to the oral sex cafe, however, and Bradley Charvet of the Swiss escort firm Facegirl, which apparently is behind the idea of the oral sex coffee shop, described the situation as “complicated” in part because of regulations governing when beverages and sex are combined under one roof.

The Local explains that artificial intelligence may be a possible workaround.

“Though prostitution is legal in Switzerland, a spokeswoman from Geneva’s department of security and economy told the paper ‘paid-for sexual services are banned in public establishments under the law on catering and the sale of drinks.’ Now Charvet is considering changing tack and using sex robots instead of women to conduct the services he wishes to offer. Charvet, who confirmed the story to The Local, has been in contact with an American firm that manufactures the lifelike robot-women at between $1,800-$3,000.”

If allowed to open, the company plans to install six to eight robots in the coffee shop for the customers’ pleasure, which each encounter taking a brisk five to 10 minutes. The cafe is scheduled to open by late December, assuming Geneva regulators give their approval. Application papers for the appropriate permits and licenses have yet to be submitted, however.

“Sex workers are required to obtain licenses in Switzerland, and establishments where two or more prostitutes operate are required to ‘register as massage parlors,'” The Daily Caller detailed about the human kind when the idea of the Geneva fellatio cafe first emerged in the summer.

Apparently customers would also use an iPad to select the sex robot of their choice.

“Meanwhile, Charvet also has plans to open a fellatio cafe manned by erotic cyborgs in London once the Geneva establishment opens its doors,” RT added.

According to the Express of London, “Sex robots are now alarming realistic — prompting many to suggest they may replace women in the near future. Some industry experts say men will soon be unable to tell the difference between an animated model and a real woman.”

As quoted in the Express last month, Charvet explained the following about the future of pay-for-sex industries.

“Sex robots will always be pleasing and could even become better at technique because they would be programmable to a person’s need. They will improve the sex service. It’s totally normal to see a new way of using robots and others sex toys to have pleasure.”

The robots will have the capability of talking to the coffee lovers, he added.

“People like to chat before they make love. It makes sense the robots will speak and tease men’s desire.”

The coffee shop’s original plan “came under fire from some quarters, with one anti-prostitution group claiming it would only benefit the men involved in setting up the business,” the Daily Mail noted.

Do you think that the oral sex coffee shop with robots replacing flesh-and-blood prostitutes in the cafe will actually open for business in Geneva?

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