UFO Hunter Captured Footage That Allegedly Proves Existence Of Aliens, But ‘Men In Black’ Hacked Computer, Wiped Out Evidence

A UFO hunter at Coromandel in New Zealand claims to have captured “amazing” footage showing a large ball-shaped mothership UFO emitting multiple smaller crafts. According to the witness, the footage gives proof of the existence of extraterrestrial beings. But after he stored the footage on his laptop computer, unknown persons hacked into his computer and mysteriously erased the footage.

The bizarre claim, which has drawn the attention of members of the UFO community, was made in a report filed as Case 78924 in the reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), according to Open Minds TV.

The UFO hunter claimed that on September 1, 2016, he witnessed and filmed a “huge” ball-shaped UFO (see image below) hovering in the air over the remote Coromandel Peninsula, near Auckland in New Zealand, and emitting multiple smaller crafts.

He claimed that after he had emailed the video to a number of relatives and friends, unknown persons hacked into his computer mysteriously and the alleged footage showing an alien UFO emitting landing crafts over Coromandel in New Zealand was erased.

According to the witness, he was out and looking skyward on a windless night at about 9:10 p.m. on September 1 when he noticed a large, bright, glowing ball-shaped UFO in the sky.

The glowing object could not have been a star because it was too large.

“I noticed this very big bright, glowing ball [in the sky]. It was huge compared with the stars,” he wrote in the report submitted to MUFON. “[I] ran and got my camcorder and filmed it for approximately 17 minutes.”

He described the huge glowing ball as a mothership.

As he watched, a hatch opened up in the underside of the mothership and six or seven smaller crafts emerged from it, according to the witness.

“The mothership was opening a platform and smaller craft were taking off at all angles, plus also exiting from below,” he said. “There were definitely six smaller craft, maybe seven.”

The witness claimed that he captured “amazing footage” showing the smaller crafts flying out from the mothership.

After recording the footage, he stored it in four difference locations on his laptop because he was fearful of losing the “smoking gun” evidence of aliens and an extraterrestrial spacecraft emitting smaller crafts over New Zealand.

As an extra precaution, he sent the footage to members of his family and friends. But he was shocked to discover days later that none of the intended recipients received the video although he was sure that he emailed it to them.

“I downloaded this [the footage] to my laptop in four different places in case I lost some and sent the video to family and friends,” the witness claimed in the report submitted to MUFON.

“However, nobody received it. Approximately four days later I checked the video. Some b*s***d had hacked it.”

The unknown hackers, according to the UFO hunter, tampered with the footage and erased the sections where the smaller crafts were shown flying out of the massive mothership UFO. The hackers replaced the footage with irrelevant images and audio, such as the noise of traffic and the sound of wind, the UFO hunter claimed.

Massive mothership UFO in space
UFO mothership emits smaller crafts over Earth [Image by Fred Mantel/Shutterstock]

However, the hackers missed a part of the footage that showed a small craft exiting the alien mothership, according to the witness.

“The video was now 5-6 minutes long,” he continued.

“It got a quick showing of one smaller craft, of which they missed.”

The witness claimed that he tried to send the remaining footage to MUFON but he could not upload it to MUFON’s system because the file was too big. He expressed concern that the hackers could also access the remaining footage and erase it.

Strangely, he went on to voice suspicion that MUFON could also be in cahoots with the unknown hackers who erased the UFO evidence footage.

“Now I tried to send, but the file is too big… plus what’s to say these bastards aren’t going to steal it again,” the witness continued.

“What’s not to say you guys aren’t one of them? So if you want the movie, you will have to find some way of getting it. I do not trust Drop Box. I’ve drawn some pictures for you.”

MUFON reported that the organization’s National Director in New Zealand, Roger Stankovic, was investigating the bizarre claims. But some skeptics suggested that the witness was either a prankster or a delusional individual.

Although the UFO hunter did not say who he thought might have “hacked” his UFO video, among members of the UFO community, suspicions would fall inevitably on government agents known in popular culture as “Men in Black.”

Men in Black are believed to be undercover agents that government uses to enforce an alleged UFO and ET non-disclosure policy.

According to conspiracy theorists, Men in Black work secretly to intimidate UFO witnesses into silence. Men in Black also remove or erase physical and documentary evidence of UFOs as part of official efforts to cover up evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence visiting Earth because the government does not want people to learn the truth that we are not alone.

[Featured Image by Fred Mantel/Shutterstock]