‘Below Deck’ Ben Robinson Teases Relationship With Emily Warburton-Adams, Kate Chastain Says ‘It’s Still Happening’

Are Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams really dating? On the latest Below Deck episode, which aired on Tuesday night, Ben and Emily continued their flirting after having enjoyed a romantic date together. Ben showed that he was still very much interested in Emily when he challenged a charter guest, a psychic, to tell them about their future together and then became upset when the physic said that she didn’t see the relationship working out. The latest episode also showed Ben and Emily kissing.

As the episode aired, Ben teased that he and Emily are indeed together. He posted a photo of himself hugging Emily and included Bob Dylan lyric, “I guess the fortune teller’s wrong,” as the caption.

Emily posted the same photo to her Twitter page.

Ben and Emily took the photo while at an event on Tuesday night. During the event, a food expo, they went up to a hotel room to film a video of themselves answering viewers’ question. During the live Facebook video, they acknowledged that a lot of Below Deck viewers are wondering if they’re dating. They remained coy about their status, explaining that they can’t say just yet. Ben teased that they may or may not be dating.

“We’re not quite at liberty to tell you, sorry. We’re two little English rascals but maybe we are, maybe we’re not. We’re going to leave it to your wild imaginations.”

Ben and Emily were also asked whether they will do another charter season together. They said that they’re not sure about that.

“We don’t know. We don’t have those answers for you.”

While Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams wouldn’t say whether they’re dating, their co-star Kate Chastain had more loose lips during her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live with Captain Lee Rosbach. During the after-show portion of the show, Kate mentioned that she last spoke to Ben over the weekend. She then revealed that Ben is currently in her hometown with Emily. When Andy expressed surprise that Ben was with Emily, Kate pretty much said that they’re dating.

During the after-show, Kate denied that Ben still harbors any feelings for her. As both Ben and Kate admitted on season 3, they once had a brief fling together outside of work. On the current season, Ben and Kate have engaged in some tense arguments, leading some viewers to wonder if Ben’s anger and frustration towards Kate was really because Kate was in a relationship with another woman at the time. Kate told a caller that she thinks that Ben liked a lot of attention and was just upset about not getting any from her.

“I think that he really likes attention and we have such a great friendship and I wasn’t giving him as much attention as he likes, so that’s really what upset him.”

Andy then asked Kate when was the last time she spoke to Ben. That’s when Kate brought up Emily.

“Saturday, Sunday. He’s actually in my hometown, for like four days, with Emily. Melbourne Beach. They came up. Yeah.”

“So clearly that’s still happening?” asked Andy. Kate Chastain said that it’s still happening and further implied that Ben and Emily have been an item for five weeks.

“It’s still happening. Yeah it was so nice of them to visit…a solid five weeks.”

For the past few weeks, both Ben and Emily’s social media pages have been filled with photos and videos of them hanging out together in Florida. Two weeks ago, Ben posted a video of himself kayaking down a flooded street with Emily.

Last Tuesday, Emily called into AfterBuzz TV to talk about that night’s Below Deck episode. When asked whether she’s dating Ben, Emily would only say they’re great friends.

“Ben and I are very close. We’re fantastic friends and we’re hanging out in Fort Lauderdale together. I’m staying out in Florida until mid-November and we spend a lot of time with each other…We’re close, we’re amazing friends.”

On Monday, Emily posted a photo of herself and Ben looking like a couple and shared that they stayed at the same hotel together for Halloween. It’s not clear whether they stayed in the same room.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Ben and Emily, during a live Facebook video two weeks ago, denied that they were dating. They both maintained that they’re just really good friends.

Perhaps Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams later realized that it’s better for them to remain coy about their relationship status? Or perhaps their relationship have just turned romantic within the past two weeks?

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