WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Rejoining The Shield Would Be A Bad Move

Much ado is currently being made over the latest WWE rumors about Roman Reigns rejoining The Shield. A few reports, in fact, suggest that this move would be the best thing to ever happen to Roman Reigns’ career. Not only is a Shield reunion not a good move for Reigns, but it would actually be a huge step back for a wrestler who has made so much progress over the past two years.

Bleacher Report was the first to bring these latest WWE rumors about the controversial star to light. According to them, the rumors about a possible Shield reunion, which have been circulating for a while, finally gained some real steam when, during Monday night’s episode of Raw, the former friends and teammates found themselves on opposite ends of the ring with Rollins ultimately coming to Reigns’ rescue.

But while that move was certainly an exciting one for fans for nostalgic reasons, it wasn’t a move that any true wrestling fan should take as a serious sign of reuniting a long-defunct wrestling team. Yes, it would be nice, but let’s face it, folks. It isn’t going to happen, and nor should it.

Roman Reigns WWE Rumors

First of all, as the latest WWE rumors by Cageside Seats confirms, Roman Reigns’ career is on the rise. He’s just been named by the company as one of the Raw brand’s Survivor Series fighters alongside Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Braun Strowman. If anyone can defeat the best of the best from the SmackDown brand, it’s that lineup. And Reigns has finally earned respect from his peers despite having to go babyface in order to do so. Regardless, he’s come a long way from being the butt of the WWE’s jokes, and to be perfectly frank, rejoining the Shield would be returning him to that “butt of the joke” status.

Let’s also remember, too, that as a fighter, Roman Reigns has a good pedigree to live up to. He’s a part of the prestigious Anoa’i family of wrestlers (home of The Usos and The Rock), and Roman played football for the Minnesota Vikings before he turned to the ring. That is not a responsibility that’s carried lightly, and nor should it be. Speaking in terms of the actual technical side of wrestling, Roman Reigns is one of the best, and he’s certainly the strongest fighter in the Shield. Rejoining that crew would merely mean Reigns, as the enforcer, would carry the rest of his cohort, which would not be a good look for him.

Roman Reigns WWE Rumors Chris Jericho

And, according to the latest WWE rumors reported by Morning News USA, Reigns isn’t stopping with his current United States Championship. Rather, he’s more than prepared to face off against Kevin Owens for the Universal title. And while that’s not exactly the wrestling gold standard (let’s face it; the World Heavyweight Championship title still holds major weight in the wrestling world), it’s the best Reigns can do on the red brand.

Until such time as the brands are reunited, there is absolutely no way that The Shield could reunite. While Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are on Raw, Dean Ambrose, who’s going through a bit of drama of his own, is on SmackDown. That alone make the possibility of a Shield reunion a non-existent one, and that’s how it should remain.

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