Heather Dubrow Quickly Losing Fans: ‘You Are The Most Repulsive Woman On The Planet’

Heather Dubrow simply lost her cool on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County after her friends were attacked by the new housewife, Kelly Dodd. While the ladies were in Ireland, Kelly felt she was ganged up on by Shannon Beador, Heather, and Tamra Judge, so when she started fighting back by saying harsh and rude things, Dubrow simply couldn’t handle it anymore.

Not only did she call Kelly trash, but she also went to talk to Meghan King Edmonds behind her back, knowing that they are indeed good friends. Lastly, Dubrow brought up Kelly’s daughter, Jolie, on the show, which goes against everything she stands for. And fans were super disappointed to see Heather lose her cool.

According to a new tweet, Heather Dubrow is now revealing that she might have made a mistake, but she doesn’t quite admit to her mistakes. On Twitter, Real Housewives of Orange County viewers reached out to Dubrow, sharing that they were disappointed in the way she handled herself. In addition, one person said that she was a grown woman, and she needed to apologize to Kelly for her behavior.

“Heather Dubrow also owes some apologies. You’re all grown women. Act like it. Stop gossiping & stirring the pot,” one person wrote to Heather, sharing that this person didn’t think that Dubrow was innocent in her comments, to which Heather added, “Agree – watch the reunion and see who can apologize, and who doesn’t think they need to.”

Even though Heather Dubrow might issue an apology during the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, fans of the show were not pleased with Heather’s behavior this season. Not only are people questioning who Heather really is, but some people are also questioning why her husband is staying with her. After her behavior in Ireland, fans are now wondering why Terry is staying with his wife.


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“You can’t go around calling people trash. And ENOUGH with the psychotic break line! Ugly is as ugly does!” one person wrote back to Heather Dubrow, while a second person added, “Exactly! Heather is ignorant & tries to sound insightful because she’s married to that dorky doctor.” A third fan continued the criticism, saying, “So condescending; your behavior is setting an awful example for your daughter #shameful,” and finally, a viewer said, “Wondering how her husband puts up with her! He should run prob still there bec Heather would leave him high & dry!”

But, it isn’t just people who are angry with Heather who shared their thoughts. Some people reached out to Dubrow, sharing that they had been fans for years, but her behavior was starting to change their minds.

“I have been a Heather fan for years, such a elegant women but you really disappointed me whispering on that bus,” one person wrote to Heather in hopes of getting her to see that her behavior simply wasn’t acceptable.

And it sounds like people really want Heather to face her bad behavior. The harsh comments aren’t just reserved for posts about the show. Even when Heather Dubrow posted a simple picture of her youngest daughter dressed up as Harry Potter, fans flipped out. It’s sad that her children might see some of these comments, but one could argue that this is the price of being on reality television.

“You are the most repulsive woman on the planet. You should seek psychiatric help. I think all the botox has led to a psychotic break. Poor Terri. No wonder he’s always at work. I’m sure your children are bullies just like you which is so very sad,” one person wrote on her Instagram post that had nothing to do with The Real Housewives of Orange County, while another person added, “Your behavior this season was repulsive. Your the true meaning of a mean person. I hope and pray my daughters never ever meet a women like you.”

What do you think of the way Heather Dubrow is being treated these days? Are you surprised that she’s losing fans based on her behavior in Ireland?

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