Danney Williams’ Mother: Bobbie Ann Williams Searches Up As Bill Clinton’s Alleged Son Seeks Monica Lewinsky’s Semen Dress

Searches for Danney Williams’ mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, have gone up — especially in the wake of Danney requesting the infamous blue dress from Monica Lewinsky that reportedly contained Bill Clinton’s semen. Images of Williams can be seen all throughout Google Images, attached to a variety — some dubious — of news reports with Danney proclaiming himself the son that Clinton is rejecting.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Danney says that Bill needs to provide his DNA for a new paternity test, because the results of a 1999 DNA test — which claimed that Clinton could not be Williams’ dad — might not be accurate. With Danney not letting go of his dogged claims that he is indeed the biological son of Clinton — with Danney even telling his own children that their grandfather is former President Clinton — more information about Bobbie’s alleged encounter with Bill is being sought by online sleuths.

As seen in the above photo from the Daily Mail, plenty of side-by-side photos comparing Danney to a young Bill can be seen online, along with reports that Danney’s mother, a former prostitute, allegedly had sex with Bill during the days she walked the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Bobbie Ann claimed to remember Clinton especially, because Bill was allegedly Williams’ only white client at the time. As seen in photos and videos of Danney around the Internet, Williams appears to be an African-American man with light skin — and features that could resemble those of Bill.

Meanwhile, Danney is doing all he can to get his hands on Bill’s DNA — and to finally prove his claims that he is actually Clinton’s son.

Danney, now 30, has dealt with rumors that he is indeed Bill’s son ever since his birth in 1985.

Bobbie Ann allegedly received more than a dozen visits from Bill during the 1980s.

Detractors claim that Danney and Bobbie Ann are simply folks looking to cause controversy for the Clintons, or are people seeking a payday without valid proof.

However, those who believe reports from Danney and Bobbie Ann agree with Danney’s attempts to gain more DNA from Bill by any means necessary. Conspiracy theorists claim — along with Danney — that YouTube shut down the account of Williams to silence him.

The claims from Danney have even made their way to Hillary Clinton’s speeches as protesters have yelled out phrases seeking justice for Williams.

According to Snopes, the entire saga of Danney versus Bill and Hillary is still listed as unproven. The website has not listed Williams’ claims as false or true as of this writing.

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Meanwhile, years after their liaison ended, Lewinsky said that Bill used his power as president to take advantage of her when Monica was just a White House intern, especially when their affair was exposed and Clinton tried to discredit her and called her “that woman.”

Some of the reactions to Bobbie Ann from social media comments can be read below.

“Bill n Hil, we need that test! #childsupport #paternitytestasap

“Danney is the [alleged] son of Bobbie Ann Williams, an Arkansas prostitute who says she had an affair with Clinton in the mid-1980s. She has been claiming for decades that Danney is Bill’s son, and the resemblance between the two men is undeniable.”

danney williams [Image by APTV/AP Images]

“A claim by Bobbie Ann Williams, a Little Rock prostitute, that her son, Danny, was fathered by Bill Clinton has been proven false by DNA analysis.”

“I just wish all those who supported Hillary blindly knew about this young man who has been barred from being a part of the Clinton family. Look at the photos – You decide.”

“The Clinton family has a son, abandoned by Bill Clinton!”

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