‘Ajin’ Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers: Ajin-Vs-Ajin Battles, Kei’s Infiltration, A Winged IBM And More

The fourth episode of Ajin Season 2 brought back Kaito, a fan favorite of the series who has been missing in action since the first season and introduced a very compelling new character. While Episode 4 managed to push the plot of the anime further, it was its ending, as well as the teaser for the next episode, which really grabbed the attention of most fans. Considering the reveal at the end of Episode 4, Ajin Season 2 Episode 5 would be the most compelling episode in the anime yet.

The brief preview of Ajin: Demi-Human Season 2 Episode 5 was filled with fast-paced scenes depicting a lot of tension and a whole lot of action. For a series like Ajin, which is known to take its sweet time in developing its plot, such a preview shows that the next episode would be a lot more intense than the previous installments so far. Kei seemingly infiltrating a facility, IBM-on-IBM battles, and other high-stakes scenes were teased.

Ajin Season 2 has so far been a build-up for something huge, as the first four episodes have simply explored the unraveling of Sato’s revenge plot and Kei’s efforts to counter him. In classic Ajin fashion, Sato’s revenge plot was meticulously explored and Kei’s training was also intensively discussed during the first three episodes. What proved to be a pleasant surprise to viewers and fans of the franchise, however, were the events of Episode 4.

'Ajin' Season 2 has brought back Kaito, who is one of the most popular characters in the franchise due to his unwavering loyalty to Kei, the main character.
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Ajin Season 2 Episode 4 focused on Kaito, one of the most memorable characters in the series who was, for reasons unknown, largely forgotten during the final arc of the first season. What makes Kaito so interesting is the fact that he is the foil to the main character, Kei, in the way that the former is largely sympathetic while the latter is apathetic. Since the first episode of the anime, Kaito has been nothing but selfless while Kei has been largely selfish.

His sudden absence and departure from the main plot of Ajin Season 1 were among the things that fans of the franchise considered as flaws. Thus, his return in Season 2 Episode 4 was considered by many to be a very welcome development in Ajin‘s plot. What’s rather interesting, however, is that Kaito was depicted to be in jail for being an Ajin sympathizer, and his time in jail has not been very easy.

Since he was introduced, Kaito has always been an optimistic young man, capable of seeing the light despite the difficulties he and Kei are currently facing. As he was shown in Season 2 Episode 4, however, Kaito has become a bit wearier and a bit more mature. He was, after all, abandoned by Kei, whom he still considers as his best friend.

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Apart from Kaito, Episode 4 also introduced another character, Takeshi Kotobuki, who is also an inmate in the jail. What makes Takeshi particularly interesting is the fact that he actually escaped from jail before, and that he simply opted to come back, claiming that he was not aware of his own escape. While his attempts at claiming innocence appeared strange at first, the final scenes of Episode 4 revealed exactly how Takeshi was able to escape. He is an Ajin too, and his IBM has wings.

Ajin: Demi-Human Season 2 has already begun exploring plot developments that are beyond the manga. In the original source material, Takeshi and his winged IBM is yet to see some real action, though he did pledge his support to Kaito in the latter’s attempts at helping Kei. Considering that the Ajin Season 2 is pretty much independent from the manga at this point, however, Takeshi and his unique IBM might very well see some action soon.

Ajin Season 2’s departure from the events of its manga might have gotten a number of fans somewhat worried about the quality of the anime. After all, anime that divert from its source usually fail in terms of storytelling and consistency. So far, however, the liberties takes by Ajin Season 2 have been well-received by fans. With Episode 4, the anime has reached a third of its run, and judging from the pace and tone of the preview for Ajin Season 2 Episode 5, things are just going to escalate even more. Since the manga’s first installment was released a few years ago, the Ajin franchise has always prided itself by its raw storytelling and its gritty tone. So far, the anime is living up to that reputation.

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