Latest Polls: Clinton-Trump Margin Under 3 Percent, New Hampshire Declared ‘Toss Up’

The lead enjoyed in national poll averages by Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over Republican nominee Donald Trump in the days preceding FBI Director James Comey’s letter to U.S. Congress on Friday with regard to Huma Abedin-Anthony Weiner emails has dwindled to a mere 2.2 percent, as reported by Real Clear Politics.

With the latest polls, Clinton, Trump, Libertarian Gary Johnson, and Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein have each maintained their relative standings in averages listing all four candidates, as reported by Real Clear Politics. Clinton has the backing of 45.3 percent of voters; Trump, 43.1; Johnson, 4.6; and Stein, 2.1.

Latest Polls: Clinton-Trump margin tight in final days before November 8 election; Democrats still seen taking control of Senate.
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According to the most recent polls by Real Clear Politics, Trump appears to be gaining on Clinton, leading by one percent in an ABC/Washington Post Tracking poll that concluded on October 30. An NBC News/SM poll that concluded on October 30 had Clinton leading Trump by six percent. An IBD/TIPP Tracking poll that concluded on October 31 had Clinton up by one percent. A Rasmussen Reports poll that ended on October 31 had the candidates tied.

Support for former Governor Johnson has hovered between two and six percent in the latest polls. Jill Stein has been variously reported to have attracted two and three percent of the backing of voters in national poll averages.

In Real Clear Politics polls featuring only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Democrat leads the Republican by 2.2 percent, 47.5 to 43.5.

The latest Real Clear Politics Clinton-Trump polls put the former Secretary of State ahead by as much as seven percent, and the real estate developer and alleged groper in the lead by as much as four percent.

An NBC News/SM poll that ended on October 30 gave Hillary Clinton a seven percent lead. An ABC/Washington Post Tracking poll ending October 30 gave Clinton a one percent lead. An IBD/TIPP Tracking poll ending October 31 sees Clinton leading by one percent, and an LA Times/USC Tracking poll that concluded on October 31 sees the Democrat trailing Donald Trump by four percent.

FiveThirtyEight currently reports a 71.2 percent chance of a Hillary Clinton win on November 8. Donald Trump is reported to have a 28.8 percent chance. Odds have decreased and increased significantly for each candidate over recent days, with Trump being the benefactor, as previously featured by the Inquisitr.

Latest Polls: Clinton-Trump margin ultra-thin in final week before election; former Secretary of State still favored to win presidency, Democrats still seen regaining control of the U.S. Senate.

The odds of a Democratic U.S. Senate given by FiveThirtyEight are currently 66.7 percent, up slightly from the 64.4 percent observed yesterday, but still down significantly from levels preceding the Abedin-Weiner email revelations.

According to Real Clear Politics, Clinton-Trump races are too close to call and have been deemed “toss ups” in New Hampshire, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado, and Maine’s second congressional district. New Hampshire is a new addition to the “toss up” list over the past 24 hours, previously seen as favoring Hillary Clinton.

The Latest New Hampshire poll tracked by Real Clear Politics, conducted by WMUR/UNH, ended on October 30 and gave Hillary Clinton a seven percentage point lead over Donald Trump, 46 to 39.

FiveThirtyEight sees Hillary Clinton leading in Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, and Donald Trump leading in Ohio, Arizona, Iowa, and Georgia.

Latest Polls, 'Real Clear Politics' Clinton-Trump averages tight in final days before November 8 election; Democrat stil favored, liberals seen regaining control of U.S. Senate.

“Buckle up everybody, this thing is not just a wild ride, it’s crashing, brace for impact,” Cenk Uygur with The Young Turks stated with regard to the latest polls on Tuesday. “Don’t listen to the media who tells you that it’s going to be a landslide and she can’t lose.”

Uygur called the latest LA Times/USC Tracking poll that has Trump leading the former Secretary of State by four percent “disastrous news” for Clinton and contrast complacency in the mainstream media and Washington with regard to the Donald Trump campaign and the Brexit campaign that has resulted in a mandate that the United Kingdom sever decades-old economic ties with mainland Europe.

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