Miranda Kerr Faces ‘Bad Depression’ Over Orlando Bloom Split And An Obsessed Stalker Invades Her Home

Miranda Kerr’s romance with actor Orlando Bloom may very well have been the greatest love of her life, because it has taken Kerr this long, over three years since the split, for her to be able to talk openly about it. Now, as Miranda opens up about how the split from Bloom affected her, she reveals that she was left feeling far more vulnerable than anyone might have guessed.

Miranda Kerr Comes Clean About The Aftermath Of Her Split From Orlando Bloom

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It might seem as though Miranda Kerr has everything she could want, E! News revealed that she recently opened up about how the end to her marriage to actor Orlando Bloom brought her world crashing down in a sudden bout with depression. It’s now three years later and Kerr has again found happiness, this time with Snapchat co-creator Evan Spiegel, but that doesn’t mean Miranda has forgotten about those dark days. To the contrary, Ms. Kerr seems to recognize that she can only truly move forward by confronting those past demons head on.

“When Orlando and I separated, I actually fell into a really bad depression,” Miranda confesses.

“I never understood the depth of that feeling or the reality of that because I was naturally a very happy person.”

Ms. Kerr says she only learned to balance herself by confronting the truth that “every thought you have affects your reality and only you have control of your mind.”

Since those days, Miranda has bounced back and learned to accept life as it comes. As a part of that, she admits that she has learned to find a place for Orlando in her life as a co-parent to their 5-year-old son, Flynn Christopher Bloom. Miranda says that sharing custody with Orlando has worked to her advantage because she can schedule her modeling duties to coincide with the times Orlando has their son. Her free time is then more fully devoted to Flynn.

Overall, Ms. Kerr says she’s learned to listen and trust her own inner voice.

“What I have found is that everything you need, all of the answers are deep inside of you,” says Kerr.

“Sit with yourself, take a few breaths and get close to your spirit.”

Shaun Haywood Fixated On Kindred Spirit, Miranda Kerr

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As though fate had hoped to drive home that feeling of vulnerability, Kerr was also the target in a recent failed home invasion from a potential stalker. The attack from a lovesick fan was thwarted by Miranda’s security, but not before one individual was severely injured. NZ Herald reveals that Haywood had a history of stalking Kerr, even before he was shot on her property, during a recent attempted home invasion.

Previously, Shaun had gained access to Miranda’s home in order to leave a love letter for the model, which investigating authorities described as nonsense “jibber-jabber,” adding that the message was only coherent enough for them to determine that Haywood was attempting to express love for Kerr. Sources say Haywood believed himself to be an old soul, more than a thousand years old, wandering the earth in search of others like himself. He believed Miranda Kerr to be one such soul.

Following the latest incident on October 14, Haywood has been slapped with a restraining order to ensure he remains a safe distance from Kerr, even after he serves out sentences for attempted murder, aggravated mayhem, and assault with a deadly weapon. If found guilty on all counts, Haywood may be facing a life imprisonment term.

Shaun Haywood severely slashed a security officer’s face, while attempting to gain access to Miranda Kerr’s home on October 14. It was that incident that has prompted the more serious charges against him.

The security officer may also be facing charges.

“The security guard drew a weapon and fired three to four rounds, hitting the suspect in the face and upper torso area,” an L.A. County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson stated.

Miranda Kerr and her son were not at home at the time the incident occurred.

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