‘The Young And The Restless’: A ‘Y&R’ Twist Is Coming–Who Should Raise Christian?

The Young and the Restless released a bombshell this week, and it hit Sharon fans like a ton of bricks. They prepared themselves for Sharon to be run over by the bus by nearly every person in Genoa City. CBS Soaps In Depth reports that will not happen this time. There is a huge twist coming in a few weeks and Sharon will get out of this baby mess okay.

As you imagine, watching Sharon fall apart on The Young and the Restless today was rather hard to stomach. It seems like she gets the short end of the stick often, and she deserved more this time. For that matter, we the Young and the Restless fans deserved more.

Many of the Young and the Restless viewers forget that Sharon was innocent in the baby mess. She never asked for someone to steal a baby and hand it to her. Sharon believed that Sully was her child until she pieced together that he was Sage’s baby. At that point, Sully was 5-months-old, and she couldn’t bear to give him up.

The direction of the Young and the Restless in the Christian storyline seems to be to force Sharon to hand over custody to Nick. Since CBS Soaps In Depth reported that a twist is coming, it seems to imply that someone else may step in. Is it possible that Adam will return to claim his son? Could Victor step in and decide to raise his grandson, trying to make amends to Adam by raising him?

There is another option that not many people have considered. What if Nick starts to realize that Sharon was not acting evil in keeping Christian away from him; instead, she was hurting at the thought of giving the baby she believed that was hers up.

Right now, the battleground is being set for a courtroom showdown. Sharon likely won’t sue for custody because she believes that no judge would side with her given her mental health history. The likely suspects to battle in court would be Adam (when he shows up in Genoa City) against Nick. Chelsea appeared to want custody of the baby when she felt conflicted about allowing Nick to believe the baby is his son.

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that a shocker is on the way, and it will be something that no one suspects. For many Sharon fans, they hope the twist will exonerate Sharon from this mess. Of course, Sharon could have fessed up months ago, but learning something so devastating had to be difficult to process. Who would have thought that a crazy shrink would steal a baby from your ex-husband as part of a revenge plot? And, let’s not forget that there was the tricky situation about Sharon’s miscarriage. She decided not to tell Dylan that their baby miscarried which was the lie that start the whole crazy Christian/Sully mess.

Now that the secret is out on The Young and the Restless, Sharon will have to let the chip fall where they may. She will have to eat a slice of humble pie as Nick goes through the emotions and tries to process what Dr. Anderson did to him and Sage. In time, he will settle down and realize that it wasn’t completely Sharon’s fault. He will most likely let her be a part of Christian’s life, but it may take some time.

The Young and the Restless fans, do you think Nick will allow Sharon to be a part of Christian’s life? Who will end up getting custody of the tot? Will Adam come back to claim his son, Christian?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays only on CBS daytime.

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