Bill Clinton’s Alleged Love Child Begs Monica Lewinsky For DNA Sample

Bill Clinton’s supposed secret son Danney Lee Williams is asking Monica Lewinsky to give him a DNA sample from the notorious stain on her blue Gap dress. Is Williams really Clinton’s son?

Radar Online has reported that an Arkansas construction worker by the name of Danney Lee Williams Jr., 30, believes that Lewinsky’s notorious blue dress is the vital clue to proving that he is the son of former President of the United States Bill Clinton.

Clinton supposedly had an affair with an African-American prostitute, resulting in the birth of Williams.

Monica Lewinsky, now 43-years-old, testified that she performed a sex act on Clinton in the White House on February 28, 1997, resulting in the stain on her dress.

FBI documents later confirmed that it was a perfect match to Clinton’s DNA.

Danney Lee Williams Jr. is now a father of five himself, and he is hoping that Lewinsky will send him the dress so that he can prove his paternity.

“I done my homework and I saw they returned the dress to her after the tests and I thought why not ask her for it. I’m praying on it that she will make this happen for me. I’m sure [the Clintons] hurt her as they hurt me.”

Williams also claimed that Secretary Hillary Clinton told Bill that Williams would hurt her chances of becoming president.

“I believe Hillary told my dad I would ruin her chances of being in the White House. I feel she cut him off from being in my life, but this isn’t political.”

Williams called his desire to reveal that Clinton was his father a “personal” mission.

“I have been told my entire life that I am President Clinton’s biological son and I want my kids to know their grandfather.”

A copy of the letter Williams wrote to Lewinsky was obtained by Radar and revealed that he made claims he has been stonewalled by the Clintons after he requested the former president voluntarily give him a blood sample.

“Now I face the prospect of a long drawn-out paternity lawsuit in the State of Arkansas which lawyers tell me could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of litigation. I am not a rich person and would have [to] try to raise the mountain of money needed to pay for the lawsuit.”

Williams wrote about his mother’s claims that Clinton had paid her for sex at a secluded home in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He believes that he has acquired Bill Clinton’s nose, chin line, and other characteristics.

“I respectfully request you provide the sample of genetic matter we require so that we may match it with my own sample.”

But Williams also insisted that it was much more than just the physical resemblance that convinced him that he was Clinton’s son.

“I have many compelling reasons beyond my mere physical resemblance to my father to believe this is the truth including the insistence of my mother Bobbi Ann Williams and my aunts Lucille Bolton and Shirley Howard who helped raise me. [Then-] Governor Clinton provided cash support for me when I was a boy as well as having Arkansas State Troopers deliver Christmas presents to our home each year.”

The supposed son of Bill Clinton is convinced that it was Hillary Clinton that cut him off from the family.

“I hand delivered letters I wrote to my father, our 37th President, [to] the nice lady at the desk at the Clinton Library. I also mailed letters and pictures of his grandchildren to him in Washington, but he never answered. When I sent him a direct message on his Facebook page he (or someone who worked him) blocked me…There is solid evidence that it was Hillary who cut me off from my biological father.”

Williams continues to try to find commonality with Lewinsky in the letter, hoping she will feel some compassion for him.

“Hillary literally slammed the door in my Aunt Lucille’s face when she took me to the Governor’s Mansion to demand the Clinton’s [sic] acknowledge me. I was not surprised to learn that Hillary called you a ‘stalker’ and much, much worse. We have both been abused by Hillary Clinton. I call out to you for your help.”

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