‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’: Nikki Mudarris Supports Teairra Mari, Gets Emotional Over Her Brother’s Death

The Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 3, Episode 12 finale celebrated Ray J and Princess Love’s wedding, and we also got to catch up with the rest of the cast.

Singer Teairra Mari was arrested for assaulting an Uber driver last year and allegedly stealing the driver’s phone charger. Teairra has a new attorney to help her with the case, and it is revealed that she is facing a misdemeanor and her worst-case scenario is up to a year in jail. The Love and Hip Hop star is getting the same judge that put her in jail for one day, and she is hoping to get off without serving time.

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According to VH1, this is what Teairra is facing over the assault charge.

“In July 2015, Mari was charged with battery after her Uber driver alleged that she punched him and stole his phone charger after he originally declined to let her charge her phone in his car. Mari missed her initial court date for her trial, so a warrant was issued for her arrest. She later turned herself in, was arrested, and released. Prosecutors then offered Mari a plea deal, consisting of three years’ probation, an order to stay away from the alleged victim, 30 days of anger management classes and 15 days of community service.”


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Per the report, Ms. Mari rejected the plea deal and will be put on trial next month. Teairra apparently has evidence against the accuser, which will help prove her innocence.

Nikki Mudarris bails Teairra Mari out of jail and asks her why she is getting in trouble. Nikki thinks that Teairra’s substance abuse habits is like her brother Omar’s, who died last year. Teairra Mari admits that she has an alcohol problem but thinks that she can control it. Nikki Mudarris is not convinced and breaks down in tears when she remembers staying goodbye to her brother, who was presumably on a life support machine at the time.

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Nikki reminds Teairra that many people love her and they get emotional. Teairra is motivated to get her life back together after Nikki’s passionate case for her to get help.

While admitting that she may have a problem with alcohol, Teairra believes that she can beat the issue on her own and will not go to rehab.

Nikki Mudarris is seen with Safaree at the end of the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood finale, and it seems as though she choose him over Rosa Acosta. However, this has not been confirmed.

Moniece Slaughter says that she is done with the drama and announces that she is getting a boob job. She confronted the rapper she made a sex tape with in the previous episode. The rapper claimed that he has the only copy and he will not release the sex tape. It is unclear whether Moniece is in a relationship now as the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star declared that she is focusing on her music and child.

Willie and Shanda have been dating since they were 17-years-old. Willie tells the camera that he is not giving up on Shanda and getting his family back together. Shanda has not revealed whether she has forgiving Willie for cheating. The couple have revealed that they have cheated on each other in the past and forgave each other. Therefore, don’t give up on Willie and Shanda before the reunion show.

During Ray J and Princess Love’s wedding celebration, Lyrica and A1’s parents are finally getting along. A1 also apologized for eloping with Lyrica, and he hugged it out with his mother-in-law. Will the good times last or are we going to get an explosive Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion?

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